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Whilst undertaking his Bachelor of Digital Media, Brent became actively involved the arts industry, leading to a pursuit of producing and directing theatre and launching his company Twelfth House Productions. Recently he has turned to writing, where he draws from an early and long exposure and passion for the performing arts.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: Janelle Monae, Cosmo Jarvis, Dimitri Shostakovich
TOP 3 MOVIES: The Fall, East Of Eden, The Mummy (the Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz version)
BEST CONCERT: Alt-J's 2014 Emore Theatre show
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Being absolutely petrified by the cave of wonders in Aladdin and having to spend the rest of the film on my mother's lap.

Eurovision 2015 - Semi-Final 2
EUROVISION 2015Semi-Final 2
Time for the second Semi-final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.
Eurovision 2015 - Semi-Final 1
EUROVISION 2015Semi-Final 1
It was a night of tears, of excitement, joy and some sorrow - Eurovision Semi-Final 1.
Eurovision 2015 - Top five countries to win
EUROVISION 2015Top five countries to win
Just when you thought you’d finally gotten the glitter out of the carpet and the sequins out of your hair, get ready for Eurovision 2015!
Spy - Melissa McCarthy's undercover comedy
SPYMelissa McCarthy's undercover comedy
You can’t go past ‘Spy’ for its charm, hilarity and perfect ensemble cast.
A Marvel-ous world - From comic books to the big screen
A MARVEL-OUS WORLDFrom comic books to the big screen
Since its birth, Marvel Studios has been a herald for the geek at heart.
The Sound of Music - The hills are still alive
THE SOUND OF MUSICThe hills are still alive
People go crazy for 'The Sound Of Music', and its no wonder why. The classic (true) story has a few of everyone’s favorite things.
Still Alice - Devastatingly beautiful
STILL ALICEDevastatingly beautiful
'Still Alice' packs a powerful punch. Powerful performances, powerful writing and powerful direction makes for one of this year's most affecting films. Pack your tissues.
Into The Woods - Not your average fairytale
INTO THE WOODSNot your average fairytale
What might disappoint some fans is what feels like a complete watering down of much of the story. The lack of light and shade ultimately leaves the whole thing sprinkled with too much Disney magic.
Big Hero 6 - Packing a powerful punch
BIG HERO 6Packing a powerful punch
'Big Hero 6' promises action and delivers it in stylish abundance; the animation is stunning and you'd be hard pressed to find better. It's an instant Disney classic that really packs a punch!
Now: In The Wings On A World Stage - The power of performance
NOW: IN THE WINGS ON A WORLD STAGEThe power of performance
This documentary will fill you with the desire to go to the theatre. Documentary and theatre combined are a winning combination and will leave you inspired and awestruck.
The Green Prince - Deception in the highest
THE GREEN PRINCEDeception in the highest
What this film has done is focus on the human aspect of the situation. A dangerous undertaking, 'The Green Prince' is a gripping documentary.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 - Rise of the revolution
Fans will rejoice in seeing their favourite characters back for this installment of 'The Hunger Games’ series. The film holds all of the hallmarks of an action blockbuster with a strong message.
Zero Motivation - Idle hours
What is produced is a heartfelt insight into life under conscription and the effects of that military training on the impressions of the youth it moulds.
Anywhere Else - From where you'd rather be
ANYWHERE ELSEFrom where you'd rather be
While the pace was a little off and the protagonist hard to engage with, ‘Anywhere Else’ did provide a fascinating insight into Jewish family life, especially when the German boyfriend is revealed.
The Farewell Party - The light side of the dark
THE FAREWELL PARTYThe light side of the dark
‘The Farewell Party’ doesn’t shy away from these heavier subjects, but faces them with a grim humour that we can all relate to.
The Decent One - Monsters are people too
THE DECENT ONEMonsters are people too
‘The Decent One’ provides a chilling insight into how single-minded the young Heinrich Himmler was, and that he was destined to the fate he built. This is an unmissable, riveting watch.
Alt-J - When everything fits
ALT-JWhen everything fits
With Joe Newman’s unique and powerful vocals, you could have sworn you were listening to a well-mastered recording.
Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2014 - A sumptuous feast
This year’s sumptuous servings at the Lavazza Italian Film Festival are sure to leave mouths watering. The 2014 festival is a fantastic celebration of all things Italian.
The Maze Runner - Twists and turns aplenty
THE MAZE RUNNERTwists and turns aplenty
‘The Maze Runner’ is a teen action adventure that will have its target audience guessing until the end and does a very good job of setting up what appears to be a trilogy.
What We Do In The Shadows - Comedy with bite
This is the kind of quirky comedy that New Zealand is becoming well-known for. It’s charming and hilarious and brilliantly acted by every single member of the fantastic ensemble cast.
Lucy - Definitely not using its full potential
LUCYDefinitely not using its full potential
Luc Besson has boldly written and directed ‘Lucy’ - and with some of the most cringe-worthy lines of dialogue and a plot that is almost just as jarring, it was a brave feat indeed.
These Final Hours - Nowhere to run
‘These Final Hours’ is a gritty, compelling and uniquely Australian film that could definitely be successful on a global scale.
Jersey Boys - Left Beggin'
Clint Eastwood might have been the wrong choice to direct this film - filling it with pathos and not quite understanding the comedy is definitely what lets this movie down.
Transformers: Age of Extinction
‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ does deliver on all its promises of action, but it's unfortunately too long and, let's be brutally honest, explosions can only carry a movie so far.
We Are The Best! - Punk's not dead
WE ARE THE BEST!Punk's not dead
Distinctly Swedish, the film has a quirky sense of itself and has only endeared even further the country that has already given us so much. ‘We Are The Best’ really does prove that punk's not dead.
You're Sleeping Nicole - Stay in bed
The acting is sufficient and the actors do what they can with the material, but in the end there should have just been more - even some sort of climax or conclusion would have helped.
Fish and Cat - Into the woods
FISH AND CATInto the woods
The film is so stripped back that it was almost bare of all life, and once you’ve gotten over the single shot, there isn’t much to go by.
Tamako In Moratorium - Wasted on the young
TAMAKO IN MORATORIUMWasted on the young
This quirky comedy perfectly captures the gravity of life around the period of leaving clear institutionalised education.
Edge of Tomorrow - Stuck on repeat
EDGE OF TOMORROWStuck on repeat
While it might not be a metaphor for the modern condition of repetitive living, it is an all action film that has enough to keep you going to the end and watching again. And again. And again.
Bad Neighbours - Outrageous frat house antics
BAD NEIGHBOURSOutrageous frat house antics
This is a no-holds-barred comedy, which is what we have come to expect out of actors like Rogen, but what is more interesting to see is Byrne really find her feet in the same genre.
The Grand Budapest Hotel - Classic charm
A daydream worth revisiting, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ is another Wes Anderson masterpiece: deftly directed, immensely funny and utterly wicked.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
It's much darker than its predecessor; gone are the days of the Captain’s blinding patriotism and 1940s sensibilities, replaced by a man trying to find his place in a world he no longer fits into.
Cuban Fury - Get behind the underdog in sequins
CUBAN FURYGet behind the underdog in sequins
With a charming story, and honest and comedic performances, ‘Cuban Fury’ will be dancing its way into our hearts.
Gloria - They've got your number
GLORIAThey've got your number
Gloria is a family drama presented from a place of hopeful vulnerability. It's hard not to be seduced by and empathise with this woman. Once you see it, you'll definitely be calling 'Gloria'.
Are We Officially Dating? - New bromantics
‘Are We Officially Dating?’ is a romantic comedy that the guys wont feel too out of place being dragged along to and that girls will definitely want to see (mainly for Efron).
The Wolf Of Wall Street - Excess in the extreme
THE WOLF OF WALL STREETExcess in the extreme
The casting is brilliant, with DiCaprio shining in the lead, showing more comic potential than we have ever seen.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Spy action
'Jack Reacher' delivers a clear, clever and engaging spy film that will no doubt will leave audiences satisfied – if unable to find their desk job quite as exciting ever again.
London Grammar - Humble, effortless talent
LONDON GRAMMARHumble, effortless talent
With the Metro Theatre bursting at the seams, it appears Australians have completely embraced this charming trio. Humble, young and talented, the sky is the limit for these UK sensations.
Philomena - A journey worth taking
PHILOMENAA journey worth taking
With such grace, conviction and simple-yet-effective storytelling, it could even have all the hallmarks to be in the running for Oscars Best Picture.
Ender's Game - A few too many moves
ENDER'S GAMEA few too many moves
For a film that is leading to a final grand twist, it doesn’t pay off. A lack of stakes or empathy developed for the characters is sure to leave you feeling like you’re the loser.
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