By Charlie David Page
13th November 2019

With sensational tales packed with screen luminaries, side-splitting comedies, and stories of iconic Jewish trailblazers and innovators, the Jewish International Film Festival, from the 23rd October to the 21st November 2019, returns for another year of spectacular Jewish cinema from around the world.

Featuring 60 films from 23 countries, the Festival builds on almost 30 years of bringing the best of Jewish cinema to Australia, presenting 28 features, 29 documentaries, and full season screenings of three superb TV series to audiences in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

SWITCH has explored this year's program to bring you the best films from the festival, so peruse through them below, and check back as we add more reviews throughout the event!

RELATEDFIDDLER: A MIRACLE OF MIRACLESKeeping up musical "Traditions" for over 55 years
RELATEDGOD OF THE PIANOA tale that tickles the ivories
RELATEDSAFE SPACESEmotional family drama weighed down by problematic sub-plot
RELATEDTHE GOLEMA horrifying spin on Jewish folklore
RELATEDUNTOGETHERNot even the cast could keep this one together
RELATEDTHE OPERATIVEFinding the humanity in espionage
RELATEDLOVE, ANTOSHAA star taken too soon
TRENDINGWIN MISS FISHER AND THE CRYPT OF TEARSA global adventure for the legendary lady detective
TRENDINGIN MY BLOOD IT RUNSAn eye-opening tale of struggling Indigenous youth
TRENDINGTHE WISHMAS TREEA magical experience for the whole family
TRENDINGA GUIDE TO SECOND DATE SEXA quintessentially awkward British romantic comedy
TRENDINGEMMA.A dazzling new adaptation of Jane Austen's classic
TRENDINGTHE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMANMel Gibson's dictionary origin story a dry read
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