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By Kate Smith
1st September 2016

Seen 'Sausage Party' yet? If you have, I'm sure you recognised the distinctively sultry tones of our birthday girl Salma Hayek as Teresa the Taco. Putting aside any misgivings about that particular film, Hayek is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actresses. With 68 acting roles listed on IMDb, and at least six turns as a producer, Hayek has the sort of career young actors aspire to. With the kind of sensuality that reminds a woman that her sexuality can be a moving target, Salma Hayek hasn’t lost any appeal as she hits the big Five-Oh.

Born in Mexico of Mexican and Lebanese heritage, Hayek is blessed with the kind of exotic good looks that others might pay big money for. She’s ageing beautifully, shunning enhancements and embracing the opportunities that a long career offers. But Hayek’s looks are a tiny part of her overall allure.


If you haven’t already watched ‘Frida’, I strongly suggest you do. Hayek’s performance as troubled artist Frida Kahlo netted her an Oscar nomination and widespread critical acclaim. It’s a powerful film, and Hayek’s carries it all on her own. But serious drama like ‘Savages’ and ‘Frida’ is only the tip of Hayek’s iceberg - with excellent comic timing and believability as an action hero, Salma Hayek is one of the industry’s most versatile actresses. When you get a chance, take a look at 2004’s 'After the Sunset' with Peirce Brosnan. Made during Brosnan’s Bond days, 'After the Sunset' needed a leading lady that could hold her own against a character who could be James Bond if he hadn't decided to be a jewel thief. There could be no better choice than Salma Hayek, and she nails it. ‘After the Sunset’ has to be one of my favourite films purely for easy entertainment. And who could forget ‘Wild Wild West’ with Kevin Kline and Will Smith? Hayek’s choices of roles might not always be critical darlings, but you can’t fault them for fun.

Hayek is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actresses.

As easy as Hayek is to watch on screen, her forays into working behind the camera indicate that she’s far more than a pretty face and sexy accent. ‘Ugly Betty’ ran from 2006 to 2010 and gathered quite the following. It put actress America Ferrera on the industry’s radar, and paved the way for other telenovela reboots such as the excellent ‘Jane the Virgin’. None of that would have been possible without Hayek’s driving force as producer. Hayek also produced ‘Frida’ which won two Academy Awards, and was nominated for 42 various awards. Hayek’s one stab at directing a feature was TV movie ‘The Maldonado Miracle’, which won Hayek a daytime Emmy for directing.

So as Salma Hayek begins her sixth decade on the planet, it’s fair to say we can look forward to more sensual screen time, and many more intriguing projects.

Sausage Party
CAST: Seth Rogen
Kristen Wiig
Jonah Hill
Bill Hader
Michael Cera
James Franco
Paul Rudd
Salma Hayek
DIRECTORS: Greg Tiernan
Conrad Vernon
WRITERS: Kyle Hunter
Ariel Shaffir
Seth Rogen
Evan Goldberg
PRODUCERS: Megan Ellison
Evan Goldberg
Seth Rogen
Conrad Vernon
SCORE: Christopher Lennertz & Alan Menken
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