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By Charlie David Page
14th August 2016

Without question, Ball Park Music is on a winning streak. They've mastered Australian music with a simple formula: release a critically-acclaimed album, tour to sold-out shows, repeat. On the verge of releasing their fourth album, 'Every Night the Same Dream', it appears the cycle won't be broken any time soon.

"Feelings come in waves, what's gone now will come back again." The first lyrics uttered on the album are accompanied by an unexpectedly grungy melody. The opening track 'Feelings' favours distortion pedals, loose drums and bass synths, creating a fun and raucous opening for the LP.

The sounds of the 60s are given a modern spin on a few different tracks, including 'Ever Since I Turned The Lights On' and 'Pariah'. Ball Park Music is toying with listeners, with both songs featuring fluctuations in tempo, escalating as they progress towards their terminus. Going even further, 'Pariah' takes us on a sonic trip, beginning with a ballad, before taking us on a psychedelic journey, with effects and EQ that will twist and turn inside your head. Best enjoyed with headphones on.


'Whipping Boy' has really grown on me; the more I hear it, the more catchy it becomes. I had a similar experience with 'Surrender' ('Museum', 2012) and 'She Only Loves Me When I'm There' ('Puddinghead', 2014). These songs are the backbone of the band, showcasing their talents to their full potential. In the case of 'Whipping Boy', its catchiness comes from the complex harmonies, a throbbing bassline and killer chorus.

Driven by smooth drums, 'Peppy' glides along gracefully, kept afloat by singer Sam Cromack's mellow vocals. This pairs nicely with the folksy 'Leef', a delicately charming tune which ends in pure jubilance. Transitioning seamlessly into 'Don't Look At Me Like That', it begins harmlessly enough before unexpectedly launching into a rock epic, replete with loathing and regret. Wrapping up the album is 'Suit Yourself', a final "go fuck yourself" in a sombre, satisfying culmination.

Ball Park Music is toying with listeners, with songs featuring fluctuations in tempo, escalating as they progress towards their terminus.

With a new range of techniques on show, Ball Park Music have crafted an album impossible to find boring. Despite its multitude of sounds, it comes together seamlessly in a way which only improves over time. 'Every Night the Same Dream' is a mature evolution for the band, whilst still retaining all of the qualities that made them so enjoyable. The only thing left is to see the new tunes live on the sell-out tour.

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BAND: Ball Park Music
MEMBERS: Samuel Cromack - Vocals, Guitar
Jennifer Boyce - Bass, Keytar
Dan Hanson - Drums
Paul Furness - Keyboard, Trombone
Dean Hanson - Guitar, Bass
FORMED: 2008
FROM: Brisbane
SOUND: Alternative/indie Pop
FACEBOOK: ballparkmusic
TWITTER: @ballparkmusic
INSTAGRAM: @ballparkmusic
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