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By Charlie David Page
6th February 2013

Formerly of 'Cults', Richie Follin has made quite an impression on the indie world in the past few years. He now heads up the trio Guards, who are releasing their unsanctimoniously titled debut album, 'In Guards We Trust'.

The album starts off in fine form with the track 'Nightmare'. Its energetic and deliberately disturbing vibe is driven by a forceful drum beat, truly emphasising the nature of the song's title. Richie's reverberating vocals further reenforce the dream-like nature of the song.

Kicking off with distorted drums before rolling into peals of bells, 'Ready To Go' is one of the definite highlights of the album. There's an uplifting element to the song - the amassed vocals, the effervescent guitars, and the light and presumable tune all add to this feeling. The track has a simple yet addictive chorus, which is certain to have you singing along before you've even finished your first listening.


'Silver Lining' (the video for which can be found on the page) contains a twinge of retro beach music. Heavy on the electronic guitar, the song is also one of the tracks on the album where Kaylie Church's backing vocals really come into play (and even moreso in the eerie Western-esque 'Your Man').

One of the quieter songs of the album (relatively speaking) is 'Coming True' - don't get me wrong, it has a vivacious rock chorus that won't fail to impress. However, the rest of the song is driven along by a light drum beat and guitar riff, also allowing Follin to pull back on his vocals.

'In Guards We Trust' is an album brimming with energy and enthusiasm.

'In Guards We Trust' is an album brimming with energy and enthusiasm. The Guards' music has a wide appeal - it sources its sound from a wide variety of influences, yet delivers a satisfying end result. This new album is easy to take in, and while it may not be particularly adventurous lyrically, tries to make up for that musically. The end result is an entertaining album worthy of attention.

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BAND: Guards
MEMBERS: Richie Follin
Ted Humphrey
Kaylie Church
FROM: New York
TWITTER: @guardsmusic
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