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By Charlie David Page
26th June 2016

A quirky little song called 'Carbon Affair' first hit my eardrums back in 2012. Unsurprisingly, it came from yet another burgeoning band from Brisbane's booming music scene who called themselves Hey Geronimo. After a string of singles and EPs over the past four years, the collective have had a chance to finalise their line-up and refine their sound - and are now ready to present their debut album 'Crashing Into The Sun'.

The long wait has been well worth it. From start to finish, this is an exceptional album, without an iota of mediocrity to be found. With influences including The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Weezer, Hey Geronimo benefit from a wide and varied style; listening through the LP, no one could accuse them of being easily categorisable. It's a little indie pop, it's a little retro, but it's a lot of fun.


If you happen to be familiar with Hey Geronimo's work, there's a few familiar tunes scattered throughout. The intro track with a western twist 'Millions Of Miles' transitions seamlessly into the bold and boisterous 'Lazer Gun Show', an undeniably righteous way to kick off the album. Moving on to the title track, you'll be struck by a summery retro tune with a surprisingly cheerful kick for a song about earth crashing into the sun.

Latest single 'Boredom' has a somewhat different flavour to that of the rest of the album, being a little rockier and slower-paced, really giving you the feeling you're moving through molasses while you're listening to it. 'Bermuda' takes us on an underwater trip with a sleepy laid-back pop feel.

'The Girl Who Likes Me' is about as much fun as you can have in three minutes and eight seconds, a bright and bubbly 60s sound modernised with a little electronic fuzz. The earworm 'Bake A Cake' is a slice of deliciously upbeat schoolyard pop that will definitely have you going back for a second helping.

From start to finish, this is an exceptional album, without an iota of mediocrity to be found.

The aforementioned 'Carbon Affair' appears toward the end of the album, just before the pure electro-pop party track 'Finale' - and yet, despite the name, it doesn't wrap up the album; instead, we're left with 'Garble Arch' to bring things to their conclusion.

'Crashing Into The Sun' is an extremely solid debut album. Sure, they might have had the past four years to plot its production, but nobody's likely to hold that against the band. This is an incredibly well-crafted and clever offering, with catchy tunes and well-crafted lyrics. Let's just hope it's not another four-year wait for another album this good from Hey Geronimo.

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BAND: Hey Geronimo
MEMBERS: Peter Kilroy
Bill Bingley
Ross Pearson
Pluto Jonze
Tony Garrett
FROM: Brisbane
SOUND: Indie Pop
FACEBOOK: HeyGeronimo
TWITTER: @HeyGeronimo
INSTAGRAM: @heygeronimo
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