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By Jess Fenton
9th September 2012

This is a children’s movie with funny characters, loud noises, bright colours, a circus and talking animals, so straight away, you’ve got yourself a winner. But what of the parents who have to sit through yet another ‘Madagascar’ movie? For fans of the franchise, this one doesn’t quite stack up to the others, and disappointingly leaves behind the beautiful messages of its past two films in favour of incorporating a circus to the mix, but its humour and loveable characters haven’t gone anywhere.


Our quartet of misfit zoo folk are keen to get back to New York - but first they have to swing by Monte Carlo to pick up the penguins and chimps, who are taking advantage of its casinos. Upon arrival, they’re discovered and land themselves on the radar of one of the most feared and tenacious Animal Control officers ever known, Captain Chantel DuBois (Frances McDormand). The group take refuge with a traveling circus who hope to make it to America if they can just impress a circus promoter at their next stop.

Once again, the themes of belonging and discovering your true self are the order of the day - but who cares about that when you’ve got crowd favourites the penguins and King Julien (Sacha Baron Cohen) stealing the show at every turn - especially when Julien finds himself falling head over heals for Sonia, the bicycle-riding grizzly bear complete with pink tutu.

Its humour and loveable characters haven’t gone anywhere.

With the circus in town, this outing is a feast for the eyes, but not the soul. The animators make spectacular work of a chase scene through the streets and rooftops of Monte Carlo, displaying its stunning landscape, and a neon-filled circus performance remnant of ‘Be Our Guest’ from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

McDormand along with Bryan Cranston, Jessica Chastain and Martin Short are the new players this time around. Such an impressive list of actors just proves the power and appeal of this hilarious and engaging series.

RELEASE DATE: 13/09/2012
RUN TIME: 01h 33m
CAST: Ben Stiller
Sacha Baron Cohen
David Schwimmer
Frances McDormand
Chris Rock
Jada Pinkett Smith
John Dimaggio
Cedric The Entertainer
Jessica Chastain
Bryan Cranston
DIRECTORS: Eric Darnell
Tom McGrath
Conrad Vernon
WRITERS: Eric Darnell
Noah Baumbach
PRODUCERS: Mireille Soria
Mark Swift
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