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By James Cerche
21st February 2014

Coopers in hand, I arrived in time to catch the young and talented ambient support act, LUCIANBLOMKAMP. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Lucian has an ear for lush electronica that is capable of both hulking density and tasteful space. Drifting from guitar to synth to pads, Lucian is most exciting when he picks up a violin, which he plays with breathtaking intensity over the pre-constructed beats. It really is a beautiful sonic landscape on offer, however one gets the feeling that most of what we saw was the product of extensive but pre-recorded homework. The notion of live reproduction for an electronic musician, who is also running solo (when not occasionally accompanied by a female vocalist) is problematic, but the lack of truly live playing should be quickly forgiven when the few live moments are so consummately executed. Basically it's a shame the guy doesn't have more arms. A 19-year-old who shows great maturity in his composition and textures; definitely one to keep an eye on.


MTNS combat the liveness issue by including more arms, implementing a three-man performance technique that successfully fuses electronic production with the feel of tangible playing. In similar fashion to Bonobo's triumphant afternoon Falls set, the trio work closely with analogue and digital modes for their live show. The set is short and loaded with successes as the Brisbane boys air their hugely catchy EP, alongside a slew of equally impressive tracks that suggest there's plenty more in the tank. As their Facebook page boasts, this is not a one single band. Each track feels lean and neat without a single moment of fat. Everything is a long as it needs to be and no longer, with the performance never outstaying its welcome.

This is an electronic act with its hand firmly on the pop pulse, rarely shying away from the call of a good hook. Primary single 'Lost Track Of Time' is dreamy and instantly infectious but quickly supported by EP opener 'Salvage', itself boasting enviable pop credentials. The almost androgynous vocals heard on the record sound much rawer when coming from a body on a stage, and when augmented by live guitars, tracks like 'Crave' begin to resemble stadium rock anthems. MTNS have certainly proved themselves as a rising force to be reckoned with in local poptronica and will surely gain even more traction with increased exposure on airwaves, playing festivals or snaring key support slots. Here's hoping they are afforded the opportunity.

BAND: Mtns
MEMBERS: Tom Eggert
Joseph Thiang
Robbie Hellberg
FROM: Brisbane
SOUND: Electronic
TWITTER: @mtnsmusic
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