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By Jess Fenton
10th June 2012

‘Take This Waltz’ shows the rare but very real occurrence of when a place, event or most often a person can cause you to question everything you thought you knew about yourself and your life - for better or for worse, the results are often painfully both.

When Margot (Michelle Williams) and Daniel (Luke Kirby) first meet, their connection is instant and unnerving. Unbeknownst to both of them, they are neighbours and Daniel’s now constant presence in Margot’s life starts to break down the very comfortable and familiar walls surrounding her and her adoring husband Lou (Seth Rogen). A complex character feeling smothered by her own affection for and from her husband, Margot’s also stifled by the idea that something is missing from her life - and perhaps this neighbour she’s drawn to is the key.


‘Take This Waltz’ is actress Sarah Polley’s third feature film behind the camera and second as a writer. The actors fill the screen with her superior talent for natural, riveting dialogue. Polley once again displays that she is an actor’s director, pulling beautiful and frank performances from all sides - especially from the comedic players in the cast, Rogen and Sarah Silverman as Lou’s recovering alcoholic sister Geraldine. Silverman’s portrayal of a woman struggling with her demons and her ultimate resolve in them proves that she is and can be so much more than just the dirty-mouthed girl she’s shown the public up until now.

If this movie went for 70 minutes then it would be one of the most beautiful films to date, however it’s at that mark that the film and story takes a very sharp and strange turn, changing it completely. The end result is no less tragic, powerful or unnerving for the audience, but it does throw the film's sincerity and believability into question. With an ending that will surely divide audiences, this passionate film will delight indie lovers for one reason or another.

RELEASE DATE: 14/06/2012
RUN TIME: 1h 56m
CAST: Michelle Williams
Seth Rogen
Luke Kirby
Sarah Silverman
Aaron Abrams
Jennifer Podemski
Graham Abbey
Vanessa Coelho
Danielle Miller
Diane D'aquila
PRODUCERS: Sarah Polley
Susan Cavan
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