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By Charlie David Page
4th October 2016

Following up from their 2015 EP 'You Tore Out My Heart', Melbourne four-piece Tiny Little Houses grows their repertoire with a sombre familiarity on their new ‘Snow Globe’ EP. Embracing the phrase if it’s not broke then don’t fix it, the band continue the solid work from their debut offering to create a comfortably complimentary album.

Kicking off with a surf rock twang, ’Medicate Me’ details reliance on a lost love. Grungy and contrastive, singer Caleb Karvountzis begs his beloved to stay, as guitars percolate vivaciously beneath his pleas. Title track ‘Snow Globe’ follows up, a sombre, bassy song which chugs along a little lethargically.


For something a little more energetic, ’Song Despite Apathy’ is like a small hit of adrenalin. With a hint of R.E.M.’s ‘It’s The End Of The World’ - both thematically and sonically - this is the true gem in the EP. Its vibrant and uninhibited guitar hurtles along like a pulse of electricity, as though it’s the only thing keeping the tune from crashing. The enthusiastic melody carefully disguises lyrics like, “I can feel us dying and it seems like no one cares or knows.”

The polar opposite, ‘I Hate That You’re Happy’ is a slow-burning acoustic-driven tune. Full of yearning and reminiscence, the song reveals regret over an ended relationship, with one person moving on but the other unable to. It’s raw and emotional, with glimpses of jealousy, anguish and insecurity.

The band continue the solid work from their debut offering to create a comfortably complimentary album.

There’s also an interesting cover of Kasey Chambers’ ‘Am I Not Pretty Enough’. This particular version loses the country element and replaces it with a dark rock vibe, making it almost completely unrecognisable. It takes on a much more sinister undertone with the afflicted bass guitar, while Karvountzis’ wafting lyrics drift above the grungy sound.

‘Snow Globe’ will be a familiar affair to anyone who’s heard the band’s previous EP. Stylistically, it carries many similarities, while offering a little more tonal variance. There’s barely a shred of positivity to be found lyrically, but it’s not all doom and gloom; despite its heavy content, the EP remains relatively light and nonchalant. Keep an eye out for them on their upcoming national tour - I suspect they’d be a very interesting act to see perform live.

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BAND: Tiny Little Houses
MEMBERS: Caleb Karvountzis
Sean Mullins
Clancy Bond
Al Yamin
FORMED: 2014
FROM: Melbourne
SOUND: Lo-Fi/noise Folk, Rock
FACEBOOK: tinylittlehouses
TWITTER: @tlhband
INSTAGRAM: @tinylittlehousesband
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