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DR KNOCK (2018)
Starring Omar Sy, Ana Girardot, Alex Lutz, Hélène Vincent, Chantal Lauby, Pascal Elbé, Christian Hecq, Audrey Dana, Sabine Azéma and Michel Vuillermoz. Directed by Lorraine Lévy.

Set in country 1950s France, Dr Knock is a former conman-turned-GP who arrives in the sleepy village of St-Maurice with a plan to make himself rich: persuade healthy people they are ill and simply don’t realise it.

Knock’s strategy is coming together just as planned, until he falls for the beautiful Adèle. The suspicions of the local priest are raised, and the darker elements of his past inevitably catch up with him and his idyllic new life.

Starring Vanessa Paradis, Camille Cottin, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Pierre Deladonchamps, Chantal Lauby, Rio Vega, Jonathan Boudina, Émilie Cazenave and Antonio Lanciano. Directed by Cécilia Rouaud.

Gabrielle, Elsa and Mao are three adult siblings, leading very different lives. Single mother and artist Gabrielle has struggled to make ends meet, and finds herself working as a human statue along the Seine; Elsa has married well but is increasingly distraught at her inability to conceive; video game designer Mao drowns his melancholy and frustration at the world in psychoanalysis and booze.

Their long-separated parents aren’t exactly helping matters. Pierre has taken up with a woman younger than them all, and Claudine drives everyone crazy. The passing of their grandfather forces a family reunion, and the raising of a question that none of them wants to face: what to do about beloved matriarch, Mamie?

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