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Episode 1: Baby Driver, The Beguiled
Charlie, Jess, Daniel and Brent discuss the week's films, share their favourite films from the Melbourne International Film Festival launch, discuss the effect Rotten Tomatoes has had on moviegoers, and interview Aussie indie filmmakers Tristan Barr and Damien Lipp about their one-shot film 'Watch The Sunset'.
Baby Driver - you can also listen to the soundtrack on Spotify
The Beguiled

The Greatest Showman

Film news
Melbourne International Film Festival 2017 program launch
▸ The Rotten Tomatoes phenomenon - why audiences are avoiding Hollywood's bad blockbusters Interview There are some great Australian films popping up at film festivals across the country this year. Making its world premiere at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival is 'Watch The Sunset', a new indie film from Aussie filmmakers Tristan Barr and Damien Lipp - that was shot in one continuous take. Charlie spoke to them about their experience.

To find out more about the film, visit www.watchthesunsetfilm.com. Find out more about the screening times for 'Watch The Sunset' and other films at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival at www.revelationfilmfest.org.

For an extended version of the interview, visit SWITCH's YouTube channel.

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