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Episode 39: A Quiet Place, Walking Out, Have You Seen The Listers?, Pop Aye, Hitler Versus Picasso
Charlie, Jess, Daniel and Jake discuss the week's films, ask whether politically correctness is destroying the Australian film industry, and Daniel delves down the rabbit hole for the upcoming exhibition at Melbourne's ACMI that explores all things Alice, Wonderland.
A Quiet Place (0:38)
Walking Out (8:35)
▸ Have You Seen The Listers? (15:31)
Pop Aye (16:57)
▸ Hitler Versus Picasso (18:12)

Cargo (19:32)
First Reformed (24:09)
Terminal (28:01)

▸ It’s no secret that the world has gone PC mad. Not a joke, an idea, nor an anonymous user comment in free from offence. But what about film? A recent ABC Australia article suggests that local cinema is pandering of late. With audiences sparse when it comes to Australian movies anyway, is the industry so scared to alienate even a single moviegoer that they’re forcing themselves to make nothing but rehashes of ‘The Castle’ and anything the reflects a quote “politically correct ideology”? (32:21)

▸ For the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Daniel put his obsession with the novel to good use and threw together an article for SWITCH about the history of Alice on film. Well, you can imagine the shrill noises when Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image announced their new exhibition ‘Wonderland’, a look at the relationship between the beloved classic and cinema. Daniel went along to check out the exhibition, and had a chance to chat with curator Jess Bram about how it came about. (37:55)

For an extended version of the interview, visit SWITCH's YouTube channel.

‘Wonderland’ is now open as ACMI’s contribution to Melbourne’s Winter Masterpiece season, so head to for more details.

You can read Daniel's cinematic adventure with Alice here.

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