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Joel interviews the MIFF team to find out what's in this year's program announcement! Click to listen to our special SWITCHCast ep now.x
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Episode 44: Book Club, Leave No Trace, The Happytime Murders, Mirai, West of Sunshine, Slender Man
Charlie, Daniel and Jake discuss the week's films, and the SWITCH team reveal their top picks from the Melbourne International Film Festival and share their favourite films to look forward to in cinemas.
Book Club (0:36)
Leave No Trace (4:57)
The Happytime Murders (6:47)
Mirai (11:34)
West of Sunshine (14:35)
▸ Slender Man (16:21)

Trailer Wrap
What Men Want (19:55)

▸ Celebrating its 67th year, the Melbourne International Film Festival featured its largest program ever - 374 Films from over 80 countries, 254 features, 120 shorts, 19 VR movies, 27 world premieres, 168 Australian premieres, and 90 female directors featured. That adds up to a mammoth amount of diverse films, with something for everybody. It was also the eighth and final festival for artistic director Michelle Carey - and there was one cool as fuck marathon for Nicolas Cage. So what did we watch? And what did we wish we had watched? (23:15)

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