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Episode 8: God's Own Country, The Hitman's Bodyguard, Ali's Wedding, Small Town Killers, Gifted
Charlie, Daniel, Brent and Chris discuss the week's films, ask why a surge of LGBTIQ+ modern classics have hit our cinema screens, and share our favourite queer films.
God's Own Country
The Bodyguard's Hitman
Ali's Wedding
Small Town Killers

Last Flag Flying
Human Flow
Walk With Me

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Film news
▸ With ‘God’s Own Country’ released this week, we’re seeing yet another great entry in the recent wave of remarkable LGBTIQ+ films. All of us at SWITCH are very passionate about LGBTIQ+ cinema, so this seemed like a great opportunity to discuss why we think we’re seeing so many remarkable films of late, and what are some of the classics we’d recommend to listeners.

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