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'Rockabul' director Travis Beard and 'Thunder Road' actor/writer/director Jim Cummings Interviews
Charlie and Ashley present a special episode of SWITCHCast, with interviews with Travis Beard, the director of 'Rockabul', and the writer, director and star of 'Thunder Road', Jim Cummings.
Travis Beard is an Aussie who lived in Afghanistan for seven years. As a music lover, he was also fascinated by Kabul’s music culture - or lack of. Imagine your favourite genre - pop, rock, R&B, country - well, there’s a good chance it’s shunned there, and potentially punishable by death. Travis befriended a group of locals who formed District Unknown, Afghanistan’s first heavy metal band. He followed their growth, from their genuinely terrible first performance through to their international success - and that footage formed the documentary ‘Rockabul’. Charlie spoke to travis ahead of the film’s Australian release.

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▸ For more information on screenings and Q&A's, visit 'Rockabul's' Facebook page

Character studies on struggling male protagonists are a dime a dozen, but none in recent memory have captured the hearts of audiences quite like 'Thunder Road’. The film is a passion project for Jim Cummings, the film's writer, director and lead actor. Ashley spoke to Jim about the stress of single-handedly creating a feature film, and how he ended up befriending Bruce Springsteen along the way.

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