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Jake has a background in journalism but, after some time working at a newspaper on NSW's Central Coast, he relocated from Newcastle to Sydney and segued into marketing and content roles. A lifelong pop culture fan, rumor has it that he sleeps on a giant treasure trove of books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and comics.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: PJ Harvey, Beastie Boys, Madlib
TOP 3 MOVIES: Strangers On A Train, Hangin' With The Homeboys, Aliens
BEST CONCERT: The National at the Sydney Opera House in 2014
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Being terrified by the prologue of Ralph Bakshi's animated film, The Lord of the Rings (1978). The music, the voiceover and the live-action silhouettes against a blood-red backdrop were four minutes of pure nightmare fuel for an overly imaginative child.

Parasite - A bloodthirsty and very funny look at class warfare
PARASITEA bloodthirsty and very funny look at class warfare
An engrossing, stylish and near perfect movie. Though he is often juggling a mosaic of characters, themes and social issues, Bong Joon-ho never eschews his anarchic impulses and dark humour.
Varda by Agnès - The final film of a French New Wave legend
VARDA BY AGNÈSThe final film of a French New Wave legend
It allows the audience to watch a legend of cinema take stock of her life’s work and share some last bits of wisdom.
The Final Quarter - Tackling a shameful chapter in AFL history
THE FINAL QUARTERTackling a shameful chapter in AFL history
The booing of Adam Goodes started after he took a stand on racism. The events depicted in ‘The Final Quarter’ should be regretted deeply, both for his sake and ours.
The Nightingale - A blunt and brutal period piece
THE NIGHTINGALEA blunt and brutal period piece
This is not an easy film to watch and certainly not one to expect to come out of feeling terrific. But it will make you will feel something, which is a rare thing for a film to be able to do today.
Shooting the Mafia - An interesting but unclear picture
SHOOTING THE MAFIAAn interesting but unclear picture
The film never quite brings together the determined woman and her trailblazing work into a coherent portrait. It's is an interesting but disjointed look at one of the great photographers of our time.
Tito and the Birds - A flight of imagination
TITO AND THE BIRDSA flight of imagination
With a script that is as richly textured as the artwork, ‘Tito and the Birds’ is a moving and human story that boasts a big heart and reminds us that we aren’t alone in the troubles we face.
Never Look Away - An artistic and spiritual epic
NEVER LOOK AWAYAn artistic and spiritual epic
The rare kind of work where politics, history, art and love collide into an almost operatic crescendo. Like the title suggests, it’s riveting viewing.
Kursk - When tragedy and bureaucracy collide
KURSKWhen tragedy and bureaucracy collide
Moments of suspense are abound but not abundant. This isn't a traditional "submarine movie", but the themes of bureaucratic interference and media manipulation are more relevant than ever today.
School of Seduction - Husband hunting in Russia
SCHOOL OF SEDUCTIONHusband hunting in Russia
A jaw-dropping look at one of the many new businesses designed to help women get ahead in Russia.
Farewell to the X-Men - Looking back at the first and best superhero universe
FAREWELL TO THE X-MENLooking back at the first and best superhero universe
The X-Men Cinematic Universe showcased dynamic, distinct characters. The movies are more insightful and inclusive, and still say more about the genre as a whole than any other superhero property.
Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool - The man behind the jazz legend
MILES DAVIS: BIRTH OF THE COOLThe man behind the jazz legend
By humanising a musical genius, we end up with an engrossing, hilarious, informative and heartbreaking look at the Miles Davis that music fans thought they knew.
A Dog Called Money - An uneven mix of music, imagery and poetry
A DOG CALLED MONEYAn uneven mix of music, imagery and poetry
An intriguing snapshot of PJ Harvey’s creative process, but little else. It's less of a portrait of an artist or a travelogue and more of an outline of the relationship between poetry and imagery
What Doesn't Kill Us - A touching drama for romantics
WHAT DOESN'T KILL USA touching drama for romantics
Squarely aimed at an older audience of incurable romantics, the film occasionally succumbs to sentimentality and hinges strongly on a sense of hopefulness while showing how broken certain people are.
The Captain - Horror, nihilism and dark humour
THE CAPTAINHorror, nihilism and dark humour
A thoughtful, brutal and morbidly amusing study of the corrupting nature of power and the rise of evil, with questions that remain painfully relevant.
Styx - An intense nautical morality tale
STYXAn intense nautical morality tale
'Styx' reminds us of the plight of refugees who risk everything, and the damage caused by bureaucracy and by-the-book policy. A nail-biting drama that is superbly executed and exceedingly timely.
Apollo 11 - A transcendent journey to the Moon
APOLLO 11A transcendent journey to the Moon
This feels more like a time-travelling thriller and less like a conventional documentary. We're not so much hearing what happened in the past as seeing it happen before our eyes.
25 km/h - A supremely easygoing German comedy
25 KM/HA supremely easygoing German comedy
The postcard-perfect cinematography beautifully shows off and contrasts locations, and it’s impossible to resist the charm offensive of a strong cast and a script laced with life truisms.
The Wind - A paranoid Western nightmare
THE WINDA paranoid Western nightmare
Horror Westerns are incredibly hard to accomplish, and director Emma Tammi’s boldness and imagination makes ‘The Wind’ a spooky breath of fresh air.
Here Comes Hell - High society British horror
HERE COMES HELLHigh society British horror
Director Jack McHenry makes the most out of his black and white film’s old-fashioned style, but the actors' over-the-top line delivery is often funnier than the lines themselves.
The Drummer and the Keeper - Fun and sensitive but a little too safe
THE DRUMMER AND THE KEEPERFun and sensitive but a little too safe
While it may devolve into predictability, ‘The Drummer and the Keeper’ is an amusing and moving journey that celebrates the conditions of its characters rather than humiliate them.
Dublin Oldschool - A flat and tuneless rave drama
DUBLIN OLDSCHOOLA flat and tuneless rave drama
Superficially glancing at the serious implications of drug use and addiction without ever engaging, ‘Dublin Oldschool’ is little more than an empty high followed by a numb comedown.
Between Land and Sea - Surfing, Irish-style
BETWEEN LAND AND SEASurfing, Irish-style
This is by no means the typical adrenaline-fuelled surf film. Instead, it presents the audience with an immersive and thought-provoking portrait of a people and a place.
Little Woods - Trekking to society's outskirts
LITTLE WOODSTrekking to society's outskirts
A quietly moving study of rural American life that feels more precise than most debut films. Ultimately, it’s a story about the nourishing power of female friendship in the thick of adversity.
Sew the Winter to my Skin - The birth of an outlaw and folk hero
SEW THE WINTER TO MY SKINThe birth of an outlaw and folk hero
A hypnotic neo-Western film of captivating power, with plenty of sublimely beautiful moments.
The Realm - Kinetic political thrills
THE REALMKinetic political thrills
There is a propulsive rhythm to ‘The Realm’, with conspiracy, corruption and scandal being just a few of the enduring themes, along with a light sprinkling of car chases.
2040 - A hopeful look into our environmental future
2040A hopeful look into our environmental future
An entertaining and uplifting package, this documentary is informative, thought-provoking and was clearly made with good intentions.
Dogman - Italian crime drama with a sardonic bite
DOGMANItalian crime drama with a sardonic bite
Tense, bowstring tight and to the point, yet possessing a sardonic sense of humour, ‘Dogman’ will follow you home after you leave the cinema.
Champions - A big-hearted crowd-pleaser
CHAMPIONSA big-hearted crowd-pleaser
The film provides a lot of light-hearted laughs, but perhaps the film’s most impressive feat is the way it celebrates otherness at the same time as it criticises traditional attitudes to it.
The Heiresses - An escape from the gilded cage of privilege
THE HEIRESSESAn escape from the gilded cage of privilege
A delicate exploration of sexuality, ageing, class, and privilege.
Peterloo - An extremely detailed and methodical period piece
PETERLOOAn extremely detailed and methodical period piece
A scrupulously accurate movie about the Peterloo Massacre, steeped in background detail, with a relevance that still echoes today.
Transit - A timeless World War II mystery
TRANSITA timeless World War II mystery
‘Transit’ feels authentic and human, even if the particular dramatic circumstances are in the past. It only underscores how, when you look over your shoulder, it feels like the past is always present.
Beyond The River - An inspirational sporting journey
BEYOND THE RIVERAn inspirational sporting journey
Not only is it the best film about canoeing since ‘Deliverance’ and ‘The River Wild’, it’s a uniquely South African story that will leave you with a few feel-good vibes.
Genesis - A delicately crafted ode to young love
GENESISA delicately crafted ode to young love
A poignant and extremely well-crafted testament to the scary beauty of young love.
The Hole in the Ground - Stylish but familiar Irish horror
THE HOLE IN THE GROUNDStylish but familiar Irish horror
Despite some flaws, ‘The Hole in the Ground’ boasts strong direction, cinematography, acting and some eerily effective locations.
Dumped - A breezy comedy for the ladies
DUMPEDA breezy comedy for the ladies
It doesn’t aim to be highbrow, sophisticated satire, but it does deliver the laughs. Full of fun, it captures the essence of a beach holiday, and is best enjoyed with a big glass of red wine.
Knife+Heart - A very racy, very French murder mystery
KNIFE+HEARTA very racy, very French murder mystery
It takes a lot of pleasure in replicating 1970s visuals with grainy celluloid, saturated lighting and bright primary colours. Just don’t watch it with your parents.
5 films to watch before 'Pet Sematary' - Sometimes dead is better...
5 FILMS TO WATCH BEFORE 'PET SEMATARY'Sometimes dead is better...
The upcoming horror film ‘Pet Sematary’, adapted from Stephen King's novel, is the latest movie to examine murderous offspring and the returning dead. Here are five films you should watch beforehand.
Red Pill, Blue Pill - 10 Films Influenced by 'The Matrix' on its 20th anniversary
RED PILL, BLUE PILL10 Films Influenced by 'The Matrix' on its 20th anniversary
With ‘The Matrix’ celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, let’s look at ten of the most memorable films that it inspired.
Hotel Mumbai - A terrifyingly visceral tale of survival
HOTEL MUMBAIA terrifyingly visceral tale of survival
Despite some roughness around the edges, it's a haunting portrayal of an atrocity and a powerful, armchair-gripping thriller with a strong cast, confident direction and a brave commitment to realism.
My Generation - Revisiting the swinging 60s
MY GENERATIONRevisiting the swinging 60s
An unrepentant nostalgia-fest for the era, but entertaining if you were alive in the 1960s, a keen Anglophile, or want something cozy to watch with your parents with a cup of tea and a nice biscuit.
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