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Jake has a background in journalism but, after some time working at a newspaper on NSW's Central Coast, he relocated from Newcastle to Sydney and segued into marketing and content roles. A lifelong pop culture fan, rumor has it that he sleeps on a giant treasure trove of books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and comics.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: PJ Harvey, Beastie Boys, Madlib
TOP 3 MOVIES: Strangers On A Train, Hangin' With The Homeboys, Aliens
BEST CONCERT: The National at the Sydney Opera House in 2014
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Being terrified by the prologue of Ralph Bakshi's animated film, The Lord of the Rings (1978). The music, the voiceover and the live-action silhouettes against a blood-red backdrop were four minutes of pure nightmare fuel for an overly imaginative child.

Heroic Losers - Enjoyable working-class heist hijinks from Argentina
HEROIC LOSERSEnjoyable working-class heist hijinks from Argentina
While it isn't flashy or a reinvention of the genre, it has all the trappings of a heist movie - plot twists, backstabbing, funny one-liners, that one big set piece.
Lapsis - A witty look at the techno-feudalism of the gig economy
LAPSISA witty look at the techno-feudalism of the gig economy
The number of real-world people coping with the same unenviable situation depicted on screen in 'Lapsis' continues to grow, and they get a sympathetic surrogate in the film's protagonist, Ray.
Jumbo - The ups and downs of an unconventional romance
JUMBOThe ups and downs of an unconventional romance
It's hard finding love in this world. If you can find it with an object, Zoé Wittock's 'Jumbo' suggests you go for it.
Songbird - Dystopia porn that cashes in on COVID-19
SONGBIRDDystopia porn that cashes in on COVID-19
The creative team churned out this mess while the world was still grappling with and trying to understand COVID. Made in the poorest of taste, this film is undeserving of your time and money.
Land - A beautifully filmed exploration of grief
LANDA beautifully filmed exploration of grief
There is an inherent fascination in witnessing an individual cope with the elements, against the vastness of the wilderness. While it's beautifully shot and acted, sometimes less is more when it comes to screenplay.
The Dissident - A scary look at money, Twitter and unchecked power
THE DISSIDENTA scary look at money, Twitter and unchecked power
A film that effectively stirs up anger against a state that calculated they could get away with murder, to silence someone whose opinions they found an irritation.
Voyagers - An overly familiar journey
VOYAGERSAn overly familiar journey
There are certainly lots of interesting ideas swirling around, but they are barely explored. Unfortunately, 'Voyagers' never transcends its derivative origins and basic thrills.
Godzilla vs. Kong - Hugely entertaining
GODZILLA VS. KONGHugely entertaining
As pure popcorn entertainment and the culmination of the Monsterverse saga, it delivers the goods in an expectedly big way. This film is essential viewing for those who might like to watch a lizard punch an ape.
One Night in Miami - A dynamic look at a meeting of four icons
ONE NIGHT IN MIAMIA dynamic look at a meeting of four icons
It's a rare pleasure to watch a film like Regina King's 'One Night in Miami' that is willing to leave big questions about four larger-than-life men up in the air instead of trying to answer them.
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom - A powerfully acted tale stumbles from stage to screen
MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOMA powerfully acted tale stumbles from stage to screen
It isn't so much a movie as it is a play with a few more options; a showcase for actors rather than a cinematic experience. But the play it adapts is very good, with messages that are still relevant.
Come True - Impressively eerie and visually striking
COME TRUEImpressively eerie and visually striking
The film warns us that the human brain is the ultimate horror movie director. It's one thing to be tormented. It's another thing to face the grim reality that you're tormenting yourself.
Summer of 85 - A refreshingly nuanced coming-of-age story
SUMMER OF 85A refreshingly nuanced coming-of-age story
A bittersweet film, one that ultimately encourages its audience to embrace the joy and the heartache of first love, along with the ephemerality of having a life-changing presence in your life.
Cosmic Sin - A film that delivers on the promise of its title
COSMIC SINA film that delivers on the promise of its title
Bruce Willis doesn't care about acting anymore, and audiences shouldn't be expected to care about his glorified cameos in late-career fillers like this.
Psycho Goreman - A classic
PSYCHO GOREMANA classic "girl meets dark lord of an alternate universe" story
It absolutely has its flaws - but it's also an instant cult movie, and a must-see for the sheer fun of it.
White Riot - A powerful story of rock versus racism
WHITE RIOTA powerful story of rock versus racism
Everything described sounds eerily familiar to events rumbling across the world recently. Its message of compassion and resistance makes it one of the most inspiring movies you'll see this year.
Boss Level - Nostalgic action and quirky foes
BOSS LEVELNostalgic action and quirky foes
Taking the 'Groundhog Day' conceit, it throws a few sword fights and bazookas in with the recycled pleasures and hope they look like its own. It's inchoate, but mostly fun.
Days of the Bagnold Summer - An amusing and heartfelt look at the parent-child bond
DAYS OF THE BAGNOLD SUMMERAn amusing and heartfelt look at the parent-child bond
It might be focused on small moments, but Simon Bird's film exposes its big heart while exploring the complex relationship between a mother and her son.
The Little Things - Three Oscar winners, one so-so mystery
THE LITTLE THINGSThree Oscar winners, one so-so mystery
Not the worst way to kill two hours, and definitely a movie with some people in it. It's a shame there isn't more to recommend about it.
Pieces of a Woman - The ripple effect of grief
PIECES OF A WOMANThe ripple effect of grief
It's a tremendously sad movie, but it also avoids being a miserablist wallow. You really have to watch it to admire the raw artistry on display.
Greenland - A Gerard Butler flick that isn't a disaster
GREENLANDA Gerard Butler flick that isn't a disaster
Briskly paced and littered with jagged, realistic edges though it is, this disaster flick ultimately imagines a very sentimental planetary extinction.
Synchronic - A time-tripping sci-fi drama
SYNCHRONICA time-tripping sci-fi drama
Even if Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead only pull at an interesting thread and don't fully unravel it, it's still more unique than most other genre movies you'll see.
The Painter and the Thief - A strange, joyful examination of an artist and her muse
THE PAINTER AND THE THIEFA strange, joyful examination of an artist and her muse
It's not a black-and-white narrative with a good guy, a bad guy, and a clear-cut scheme. It's a raw yet rich exploration of the messiness of human relationships, their beauty and depravity.
Wolfwalkers - A gorgeously animated Irish fable
WOLFWALKERSA gorgeously animated Irish fable
With its multi-layered metaphysical storytelling and rich animation, this is the kind of animated film that culturally literate adults can watch without needing a pint-sized companion as pretext.
Batman: Soul of the Dragon - Pushing the boundaries of Batman fatigue
BATMAN: SOUL OF THE DRAGONPushing the boundaries of Batman fatigue
This was a chance to reinvent an old and potentially interesting DC Comics hero, but Warner Bros. seems adverse to taking chances on movies with other characters in them besides Batman.
Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets - Fact meets fiction and boozing ensues
BLOODY NOSE, EMPTY POCKETSFact meets fiction and boozing ensues
It's a portrait of a dying Americana, a chance to air-lick the salt of the earth, a Depression-era David Lynch movie, a tour through a monastery to which broken people retreat.
Another Round - What a beautiful, beautiful ride
ANOTHER ROUNDWhat a beautiful, beautiful ride
Exploring Danish culture while reminding us not to ignore our youthful dreams, this is a supremely charming effort by Thomas Vinterberg.
Shadow in the Cloud - Wildly messy WWII fantasy horror
SHADOW IN THE CLOUDWildly messy WWII fantasy horror
It's an absolute mess, but also a small miracle that it's as entertaining as it is. Roseanne Liang rises to the challenge of her one-location war movie, making the film feel downright claustrophobic.
High Ground - Australia's cycle of violence
HIGH GROUNDAustralia's cycle of violence
This film tells a story about how clashes of cultures can lead to violent ends. At its heart lies the tension of justice and racial struggles.
Kill It and Leave This Town - A surreal trudge through working-class Poland
KILL IT AND LEAVE THIS TOWNA surreal trudge through working-class Poland
Many films tackle mortality, longing, and death, but so few have tackled those themes as wholeheartedly (and blended them so surreally) as Mariusz WilczyƄski.
Save Yourselves! - Millennials versus apathy and a fuzzy alien apocalypse
SAVE YOURSELVES!Millennials versus apathy and a fuzzy alien apocalypse
There's real wisdom and honesty to the way this relationship plays out. Despite the doom and gloom, 'Save Yourselves!' packs in a lot of laughs - and even a little hopefulness
The Nest - A hyper-nuanced family drama
THE NESTA hyper-nuanced family drama
You will try and guess where 'The Nest' is going - but trust me, you'll be wrong. It has plenty of surprises, but not the kind of shockers one is going in prepped for.
Calm with Horses - A savage and sensitive Irish crime drama
CALM WITH HORSESA savage and sensitive Irish crime drama
There's some savage inner violence going on within the main character; this is a strikingly accomplished portrait of a broken soul hauling himself back up from rock bottom.
The Mystery of D.B. Cooper - True crime and American mythmaking
THE MYSTERY OF D.B. COOPERTrue crime and American mythmaking
Told in a playful manner, with room for genuine emotion as well, the documentary becomes, by the end, a meditation on the human need for myths and legends.
Event Horizon - Revisiting the sci-fi horror cult classic
EVENT HORIZONRevisiting the sci-fi horror cult classic
You shouldn't feel too guilty for enjoying the aesthetics and crackerjack premise of 'Event Horizon', even if some of the effects are a bit hokey.
The Trouble with Being Born - Controversial, unsettling and intelligent science-fiction
THE TROUBLE WITH BEING BORNControversial, unsettling and intelligent science-fiction
Deeply unsettling and thematically rich, Sandra Wollner's film is, most of all, thought-provoking. If you can push past the controversy, 'The Trouble with Being Born' will haunt you.
Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist - An utterly fascinating chat with a legend of cinema
LEAP OF FAITH: WILLIAM FRIEDKIN ON THE EXORCISTAn utterly fascinating chat with a legend of cinema
For those with a love for 'The Exorcist', this documentary will provide great stories and fascinating moments from the man who put it all together.
Fanny Lye Deliver'd - Feminist folk horror
FANNY LYE DELIVER'DFeminist folk horror
Written, directed, edited, and scored by Thomas Clay, 'Fanny Lye Deliver'd' is a marvel of historical accuracy. It isn't a happy film, but it is certainly an empowering one.
Apartment 1BR - The victim complex
APARTMENT 1BRThe victim complex
An effective reminder that terrifying stuff doesn't just take place in some gothic castle or haunted house. It's out there on the streets too, in the modern day.
The Dark and the Wicked - 2020's scariest film
THE DARK AND THE WICKED2020's scariest film
Terrifyingly well-crafted, moodily evocative, and best watched through one's fingers.
Fatman - Meh-rry Christmas
FATMANMeh-rry Christmas
Lacking a consistently prioritised visual or narrative dynamism, nor a single cinematic style or message, 'Fatman' feels like the product of busy but unfocused imaginations.
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