By Charlie David Page
3rd March 2019

Now in its 30th year, the Alliance Française French Film Festival has a huge line-up for film lovers and Francophiles.

Browse through our collection of reviews from this year's festival to discover what tickles your fancy.

RELATEDTHE NIGHT EATS THE WORLDThe horrors of loneliness
RELATEDREVENGEGory thrills for the #MeToo era
RELATEDTHE SISTERS BROTHERSBlood runs thicker than plot
RELATEDTHE WILD BOYSA surreal coming-of-age adventure
RELATEDDILILI IN PARISA timely animated adventure
RELATEDLE GRAND BALDancing to the rhythm of life
RELATEDKNIFE+HEARTA very racy, very French murder mystery
RELATEDDUMPEDA breezy comedy for the ladies
RELATEDGENESISA delicately crafted ode to young love
RELATEDLAST YEAR AT MARIENBADA black and white blast from the past
RELATEDHIGH LIFEA hypnotic and abhorrent sci-fi triumph
TRENDINGWIN ON BECOMING A GOD IN CENTRAL FLORIDATake home Season One of Kirsten Dunst's darkly comedic drama
TRENDINGTHE LODGEAn insult to the horror movie genre
TRENDINGLOCKDOWN AND CATCH UPThe best futuristic films streaming right now
TRENDING25 FREE-TO-WATCH SHORT HORROR FILMSThe scariest shorts we uncovered online
TRENDINGREVISITING 'DARK CITY' 20 YEARS LATERThe most underrated and influential sci-fi film ever?
TRENDINGSAINT GEORGEA knockout lead performance
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