By Charlie David Page
21st February 2020

Dystopian zombie mutants, reality-bending psychological terror, dreamlike animations, and a healthy dose of gore - the inaugural Fantastic Film Festival Australia (20th February - 4th March 2020) has announced its full program of strange and surreal, boundary-pushing and bizarre cinema screening at Lido Cinemas, Hawthorn (VIC) and Ritz Cinemas, Randwick (NSW).

Offering up its own distinct perspective on genre and alternative cinema, FFFA marries (un)guilty pictorial pleasures with subversive storytelling that hacks away at conventions, unearthing core truths that are typically shied away from: from hard-hitting sociocultural commentary, to unique perspectives on what's widely taken for granted.

The SWITCH team have delved into this year's line-up, so check out our reviews below, and check back throughout the festival as we add more.

RELATEDCHAINED FOR LIFEThe aesthetics of acting
RELATEDAWAYA minimalist and evocative animated adventure
RELATEDS HEA stop-motion animation with sole
RELATEDHORROR NOIRE: A HISTORY OF BLACK HORROREssential for genre fans and film buffs
RELATEDTHE GOLDEN GLOVERepellent and pointless
RELATEDZOMBI CHILDA subtle riff on the zombie genre
RELATEDA SERIAL KILLER'S GUIDE TO LIFEA gory and funny road trip of self-discovery
RELATEDTHE MUTEA violent look at faith and religion
RELATEDSAINT MAUDReligious fervour and psychological horror
RELATEDJALLIKATTUVisually stunning and absurdly funny sociopolitical critique
TRENDINGROMANTIC ROADFalling in love with India, the Rolls Royce and each other
TRENDINGWIN THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF DAVID COPPERFIELDCharles Dickens' classic reimagined through a comedic lens
TRENDINGOVER THE LIMITA real-life psychological thriller
TRENDINGWIN GOOD GIRLS: SEASON 2It's never been so good to be bad
TRENDINGWIN AGATHA CHRISTIE’S MARPLE: SERIES 1-3The classic crime novels come to life
TRENDINGxXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGEThe good, the bad and the ugly
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