By Charlie David Page
30th May 2019

The 2019 German Film Festival features the best new German cinema from all genres. With 31 films to choose from, the programme will screen across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide from the 21st May.

SWITCH has sussed out some of the best offerings from this year's line-up - including Centrepiece selection 'The Captain' ('Der Hauptmann') - so check out our reviews below, and be sure to check back as we add more throughout the festival.

RELATED25 KM/HA supremely easygoing German comedy
RELATEDSTYXAn intense nautical morality tale
RELATEDTHE CAPTAINHorror, nihilism and dark humour
RELATEDWHAT DOESN'T KILL USA touching drama for romantics
TRENDINGCOSMIC SINA film that delivers on the promise of its title
TRENDINGPOCAHONTAS25 years later, the colours of the wind are fading
TRENDINGWHO THE HELL IS BLOODSHOT?A primer on Vin Diesel's superhero
TRENDINGREVISITING 'DARK CITY' 20 YEARS LATERThe most underrated and influential sci-fi film ever?
TRENDINGGALLIPOLIA powerful and important film remembered
TRENDINGTHE WORLD AT WARThe landmark documentary series restored in high definition
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