By Charlie David Page
14th February 2021

The Jewish International Film Festival brings the best of Jewish-themed and Israeli films to cinemas across Australia. JIFF builds on 30 years of Jewish film festivals in Australia, this year presenting a line-up of Australian premiere feature films and series alongside a program of special events. The SWITCH team have taken a look through this year's festival line-up and included our reviews for the best films below - so take a look through, and don't forget to check back throughout JIFF as we add even more!

RELATEDSHIVA BABYA comedy of discomfort
RELATEDWHEN HITLER STOLE PINK RABBITA charming and poignant tale of survival
RELATEDTHE SHEPHERDA true story through an unflinching lens
RELATEDANTONThat's what friends are for
RELATEDGOLDEN VOICESImmigration struggles with amusing challenges
RELATEDASIAIsrael's award-winning drama
TRENDINGCOSMIC SINA film that delivers on the promise of its title
TRENDINGPOCAHONTAS25 years later, the colours of the wind are fading
TRENDINGWHO THE HELL IS BLOODSHOT?A primer on Vin Diesel's superhero
TRENDINGREVISITING 'DARK CITY' 20 YEARS LATERThe most underrated and influential sci-fi film ever?
TRENDINGGALLIPOLIA powerful and important film remembered
TRENDINGTHE WORLD AT WARThe landmark documentary series restored in high definition
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