By Charlie David Page
1st November 2019

Hitting cinemas once again this November, Monster Fest is a celebration of all that is weird and wonderful in the international cult cinema palette.

The SWITCH team has gathered together the best of the best of this year's festival and collected them together in one convenient place - so check out our reviews below, and make sure you check back as we add more throughout the event!

RELATEDCOME TO DADDYA morbidly amusing genre mash-up
RELATEDEXTRA ORDINARYJust plain old ordinary
RELATEDREADY OR NOTNot quite horror, not quite comedy, but a wickedly good time
RELATEDTHE FURIESA bloody well-executed gorefest
RELATEDSATANIC PANICDemons, dildos and deep dish pizza
RELATED3 FROM HELLThey should have stayed there
RELATEDDARK WHISPERS VOL. 1A spooky anthology from Australia's female horror directors
RELATEDDANIEL ISN'T REALSmart and sinister psychological horror
TRENDINGCOSMIC SINA film that delivers on the promise of its title
TRENDINGPOCAHONTAS25 years later, the colours of the wind are fading
TRENDINGWHO THE HELL IS BLOODSHOT?A primer on Vin Diesel's superhero
TRENDINGREVISITING 'DARK CITY' 20 YEARS LATERThe most underrated and influential sci-fi film ever?
TRENDINGGALLIPOLIA powerful and important film remembered
TRENDINGTHE WORLD AT WARThe landmark documentary series restored in high definition
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