By Charlie David Page
22nd May 2013

Happy 60th year to the Sydney Film Festival! To celebrate, we've put together a collection of stories on the event, including a look at the best drama, comedy, horror, foreign, classic, documentary, and animation films this year.

The festival runs from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 16th June 2013, so Follow SWITCH's Sydney Film Festival Huddle for the latest news and updates.

TRENDINGWIN JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVELReturn to the greatest adventure of all time
TRENDINGLOCKDOWN AND CATCH UPThe best horror films streaming right now
TRENDINGKRISTEN STEWART: FROM 'TWILIGHT' TO ARTHOUSECelebrating a career as unique as the actress herself
TRENDINGLOCKDOWN AND CATCH UPThe best drama films streaming right now
TRENDING28 DAYS LATER...15 years later
TRENDINGHAPPY ENDINGAn extra-wrinkly sex comedy
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