By Charlie David Page
22nd May 2013

Happy 60th year to the Sydney Film Festival! To celebrate, we've put together a collection of stories on the event, including a look at the best drama, comedy, horror, foreign, classic, documentary, and animation films this year.

The festival runs from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 16th June 2013, so Follow SWITCH's Sydney Film Festival Huddle for the latest news and updates.

TRENDINGPOCAHONTAS25 years later, the colours of the wind are fading
TRENDINGCOSMIC SINA film that delivers on the promise of its title
TRENDINGSPENCERA beautifully strange and deeply moving fable of the People's Princess
TRENDINGC'MON C'MONAn intimate odyssey of love and guidance
TRENDINGTHE FOX AND THE HOUNDCelebrating 40 years since Disney's saddest tail
TRENDINGKUESSIPANComing of age story in an Innu community
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