By Chris Dos Santos
26th April 2023

Friendship movies, I believe, are more important than romance movies. Friends are the ones who see us through all those relationships, they are there for us through the good times and the bad times, and many friends we know for far longer than the person we end up with. Pair this with the older adult film, of course rising to popularity after the success of 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', has a soft spot in many of our hearts. '80 for Brady' then adds the even further layer of the sports film, and with that promises to be the ultimate delightful package. Does blending these genres make the film a touchdown, or is it a miss?

Four lifelong friends, Lou (Lily Tomlin, TVs 'Grace and Frankie', 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'), Trish (Jane Fonda, 'Book Club', 'This is Where I Leave You'), Maura (Rita Moreno, 'West Side Story', Netflix's 'One Day at a Time') and Betty (Sally Field, 'Spoiler Alert', 'The Amazing Spider-Man'), and for the last 16 years have found a new love for the NFL and more so star player Tom Brady (himself, 'Ted 2', 'Entourage'). In 2017, Brady is set to play his fifth Super Bowl and hopes to yet again crown the New England Patriots with a victory. To celebrate, the friends plan to make to the trip to their first Super Bowl. Things don't entirely go to plan, but more importantly they learn things about their friendship and grow stronger as a unit.


Look, '80 for Brady' isn't for everyone. It has a bit of an odd premise, but what makes this film such a joy is because of these four women. They are just having the time of their lives just enjoying the hell out of each other's company.

The film has come under fire, especially with Brady as a producer and this being of a bit of a propaganda piece for the quarterback. While Brady hasn't done anything questionable, the film really tries hard to make him into this sports god-like idol and that understandably rubs people the wrong way. The film does have some weird moments where it just feels the need to lather adoration; the man has played ten Super Bowls, winning seven more than anyone else, but does he need glorification in a film targeted to an older audience? Maybe being Australian this won't affect audiences the same way and they will just enjoy the friendship, but that's not to deny that the film does have a bit of weird energy to it. '80 for Brady' for me was a fun run with legendary actors just hanging out and enjoy a thing they love.

What makes this film such a joy is because of these four women. They are just having the time of their lives just enjoying the hell out of each other's company.

'80 for Brady' is a weird mix but an enjoyable one, and if you love any of these actors you are going to have a fun time, All this movie has to do is show these ladies having a blast, and for that, it succeeds. If you peel back the layers and the Brady of it all, the weird undertones and intent begin to show, but its powerhouse leads and gratifying scenes make this a cute heart-filled story about the power of friendship.

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