By Jess Fenton
13th October 2013

Anyone who says they don’t love at least one Richard Curtis film is both a liar and a fool. After decades of being enamoured with just his words, he showed the world his skills behind the camera 10 years ago with ‘Love Actually’. Love it or hate it - let's face it, you loved it. Now the maestro is back with ‘About Time’, the sci-fi rom-com.

Upon turning 21, Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) is told by his father (Bill Nighy) that the men in their family have the ability to travel back in time to any point within their own lives. After spending the summer doing what any man in his position would do - use his powers to try and get “the girl” - Tim moves to London, rooming with bitter and eccentric playwright Harry (Tom Hollander). He soon meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) and the pair have an instant connection, but Tim’s ability and need to do the right thing gets in the way, and they lose their initial encounter, forcing Tim to use his imagination to get Mary to meet him all over again for the very first time. We then follow Tim over the next 10 years of his life as he navigates love and his relationships with friends, family and colleagues - and most importantly, his father.


Don't be turned off by the time travel aspect, as it’s merely a device for the many beautiful and layered relationships explored here. Tim soon discovers that a do-over isn’t always a cure-all and that life just has to unfold naturally, good and bad.

More than anything, ‘About Time’ has heart, and lots of it. In between laughing hysterically, you'll be shedding more than a few tears of both joy and sadness. Curtis isn’t afraid to tackle the messy, sometime dark and sorrowful parts of life, as there’s always a lesson to be learned and a light on the other side.

Charm, charm and more charm - this hilarious, life-affirming English comedy has everything you’re looking for. While it might not have the same bite as Curtis’ past projects, there’s nothing not to love in ‘About Time’.

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