By Brent Davidson
2nd August 2016

It's finally here, sweetie darlings! That's right - our favourite, most ridiculous television couple are back and now bigger than ever! As someone who was raised on 'Ab Fab' and who often compared my mother and her friend to Edina and Patsy (one had curly hair and the other was tall and blonde), I was primed to be taking an excitingly fabulous trip down memory lane. I was not disappointed.

Before the rest of this review continues, I will make no apologies for the over use of the word "fabulous" - but it’s not like you expected any less, did you?

The girls are at it again, but times are changing, things are getting tougher and Eddy’s clients are leaving her. Thankfully supermodel Kate Moss is on the lookout for a new PR manager! But when approaching Kate at a fabulous fashion party, things go slightly wrong and Kate ends up... well, potentially dead. Eddy and Patsy go into hiding on the French Riviera, but can such high-profile criminals stay hidden for long?


‘Ab Fab’ is so iconic that there must have been huge pressure when writing it to do the beloved TV series justice. I feel that justice is definitely given - let's be honest, people: you’re not seeing ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’ for a groundbreaking cinematic experience. You aren’t going to leave the cinema with thoughts provoked or deeply moved. But what you will do is have a fabulous time with fabulous old friends, and that is exactly why it is so charming.

I don’t think anyone who even heard a whisper about the film said no to appearing in it. The “guest [star] list” was so incredible it's almost as if everyone just jumped in with both feet - and why not?! The film looked like it would have been the most fun to be a part of making. You just have to look at how many people were playing “herself” or “himself” and what good sports they were for having a little fun with their notion of “celebrity.”

‘Ab Fab’ is so iconic that there must have been huge pressure when writing it to do the beloved TV series justice.

A comment the film makes is the transience of fashion and fame. Eddy and Patsy have this ultimate desire to stay relevant in a world where relevance is fleeting. The irony of this is that the film is almost whole-heartedly irrelevant, with irrelevant characters and an irrelevant plot - all being used to make a comment on relevancy, which in itself is extremely relevant. After all, isn’t that one of the underlying human desires?

With fan service aplenty and a cast that they have not only incredibly assembled but also brought back from the original series, 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' does everything it promises in the trailer. It’s a fun and fabulous time. Probably best enjoyed with a Stolly – Bolly. So sit back, drink up and enjoy! Cheers sweetie!

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