By Brent Davidson
21st December 2014

It's pretty safe to say that, these days, animated films are a big business, with more and more adults often (begrudgingly) dragged along to them. I can't imagine the terrible movies I dragged my parents and grandparents along to during the holiday season. But lately, animated movies are providing a richer and more engaging experience than many of their adult counterparts. The jokes are funnier and multilayered, the plots are better constructed and only take an hour and a half to complete, and they are (surprisingly) a lot more emotionally hard-hitting.

'Big Hero 6' follows Hiro, a 14-year-old computer prodigy from the quirky future town of San Fransokyo (a blended American and Japanese city), where he shows no interest beyond back alley robot fights. His brother, determined to encourage Hiro to use his genius for something more, pushes him to apply to an esteemed robotics course at university. But during his presentation to get in, disaster strikes, and Hiro is left with Baymax, a robot designed to heal. Together they set out to right the wrong of the presentation night, and along with their friends from the university form the Big Hero 6 Team.


First things first - Baymax is probably one of the best Disney characters of the last ten years. He is adorable, loyal and insanely funny. I can only imagine the multitudes of little ones out there all wanting their own Baymax - myself included! 'Big Hero 6' promises action and delivers it in stylish abundance; the animation is stunning and you'd be hard pressed to find better. The characters are so well developed for a children's movie. Too easily could these characters have fallen into stereotypes and clichés, but each and every one brings something rich and valid to the plot. For what could seem like a boys' movie, the female characters are so strong, independent and well-developed that the only thing that could make it perceived as such is its male protagonist - this is really a film with something for everyone.

'Big Hero 6' promises action and delivers it in stylish abundance.

The plot is something we should probably talk about too. It is surprisingly dark, with constant themes of death, sacrifice and moral choices. Do you remember that scene in 'Toy Story 3' where they all accept death? Try experiencing that for close to 45 minutes! No doubt these things will likely go over little heads, but boy does it pack a punch for those a little bigger.

This is what makes it such a fantastic film though. It is deep and not afraid to tackle some tougher, sadder issues, but still perfectly counterbalances them with moments of raucous comedy and breathtaking action. 'Big Hero 6' is Disney at its finest, and although I left the theatre a blubbering mess along with three other of my mid-20-somethings-friends, we all would gladly be dragged along again (or not so dragged). It's an instant Disney classic that really packs a punch!

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