By Brent Davidson
7th February 2016

It’s pretty obvious if you follow any of my reviews in my time writing at SWITCH just how much of a Marvel fanboy I can be. What can I say; I’m a sucker for a big budget, action-packed, sometimes funny movie about people with special powers. But prepare for your expectations of the franchise to be completely subverted by the latest “hero” to join the universe. But was this universe ready for Deadpool?

Wade Wilson (Ryan Renolds) is a thug for hire, taking on odd jobs to get by. That is, until he meets a woman who turns him around, in more ways that one (or is that TMI?). Things seem to be going really well until Wade is diagnosed with late stage cancer. That’s when a bit of Marvel magic comes into play and he goes through a procedure to become Deadpool. This procedure leaves him disfigured, and naturally as all previously pretty people do, he goes on a death rampage to seek revenge.


With 'Deadpool', Marvel is definitely showing a more adult side. If you thought 'Antman' was a bit of a detour from the franchise, be prepared for a very veritable fork in the road. By far the most gory and grown up of of the Marvel films so far, you’ll see decapitations, swearing and sex – it might be best to leave the kids at home until the next 'Captain America'; he’s much more pure. Reynolds is such perfect casting - he's funny and charming in all the right places, super fit and a total smartass. Considering he is behind a mask for most of the film, he really manages to make Deadpool’s attitude pour through. It’s a career highlight for Reynolds, and it’s great to see him hitting his comedic stride once again.

From a filmmaking standpoint, it’s almost like they read the rule book and, just like the titular character, mess with the rules just for fun. There is fourth wall-breaking, ridiculous and amazing opening credits, and constant jabs at both the Marvel universe and the "Real World". What is so interesting is that it does such fan service (there was actual cheering and clapping in my screening), yet at the same time almost shits on the rest of the Universe. It lives in this fantastic ironic place of "this universe is so ridiculous, and here is why. But you love it and technically I’m a part of it. How messed up is that?". It’s a testament to the writers for having done such a brilliant job to keep it so fresh and funny yet still be in all essence a superhero movie.

With 'Deadpool', Marvel is definitely showing a more adult side.

It’s so nice that this, much like 'Antman', is a way the franchise is taking risks and diversifying a little bit more - without such diversity I don’t know how much longer we’d be happy to see the Avengers do what they do again and again. It’s also nice that even a smaller-budgeted (Marvel-wise) film can be made to such a high - and hilarious - quality. Do yourself a favour and go see ‘Deadpool’, the anti-hero in an anti-Marvel, Marvel hero movie.

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