By Jess Fenton
7th December 2014

Surprise, surprise - three years ago, a movie by the name of ‘Horrible Bosses’ made more than $10 at the box office, so naturally that would provoke a sequel, aptly called ‘Horrible Bosses 2’. Okay, so the first movie made a little more than $10... a lot more than $10, actually - but is that worthy of a follow up? Economically? Yes. Entertainment-wise? As it turns out, yes.

All of your favourites are back along with a few new additions - but not the originals from behind the scenes. This time around we’re favouring ‘That’s My Boy’ director and ‘We’re The Millers’ screenwriter Sean Anders to pull double duty, along with writing partner John Morris. It may be a fresh set of eyes, or perhaps they’re established relationships with both Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston. Either way, the boundaries have been pushed with ‘HB2’, making it that much funnier, more offensive and more crude than its predecessor - meaning in the end, it's that much more enjoyable.


Deciding to become their own bosses after coming up with a golden invention, the hapless trio are outmatched and out-financed by ruthless businessman Bert Hanson (Christoph Waltz) and his son Rex (Chris Pine). To extract their revenge, and with nothing left to loose, the boys decide to kidnap Rex and hold him for ransom. Yet things don’t go quite according to plan when Rex decides to worm his way into the deal.

The boundaries have been pushed with ‘HB2’, making it that much funnier.

Flexing their broader comedic muscles, two-time Oscar winner Waltz and Star Trek pretty boy Pine have proven their worth in this 108-minute laugh factory. Yes Kurt, Dale and Nick’s antics are frustratingly annoying (along with Charlie Day’s voice), but there are enough genuine laughs to make up for the film’s shortcomings.

Silly is the best way to describe ‘Horrible Bosses 2’, but it’s fun, humorous, and you can have a good time if you're in the right mood. Just leave good taste at the door and you’ll be fine.

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