By Jess Fenton
15th February 2016

I’m a sucker for seasonal movies - a Christmas family debacle, New Year’s Eve race-against-the-clock, and who doesn’t love a long-awaited Valentine’s Day hook-up. While 'How To Be Single' isn’t technically a Valentine’s Day film, its release date, subject matter and pure fluff-factor for this particular time of year qualifies it in my book.

After a four year relationship to her college sweetheart, Alice (Dakota Johnston) decides she needs a break to discover who she is. Moving to New York and getting a job, she meets her sherpa to lead her through singledom, the party-hard Robin (Rebel Wilson). Meanwhile Lucy (Alison Brie) spends her nights stealing the WiFi from master booty-caller Tom’s (Anders Holm) bar to online date and meet her Mr Right. All the while Alice’s career-driven sister Meg (Leslie Mann) is trying, unconvincingly, to tell herself that she doesn’t need a man or a baby in her life. Let the games begin!


Okay, so the stories are paper-thin and the whole film is uneven and incomplete... but damn it’s funny. This is the kind of movie you see with a bunch of girlfriends, laugh about it all night and then forget you ever saw it by the next morning. But for those brief few hours, it’s possibly the funnest movie you’ve ever seen. Rebel Wilson smacks you in the face with her outlandish one-liners and physical comedy every time the story starts to falter, get too serious or you just need distraction from the gaping holes. The other cast members have their LOL moments too, especially the refreshing role-reversal relationship between Lesley Mann and Jake Lacy.

The stories are paper-thin and the whole film is uneven and incomplete... but damn it’s funny.

For a movie called ‘How To Be Single’, it isn’t about being single - well actually it is, but according to the movie, being single is all about the pursuit of a man. Eh, whatever, this isn’t a documentary, the cure for cancer or a damn TED Talk, it’s a good laugh - and then we move on.

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