By Chris Dos Santos
8th March 2023

Sports films - one of the easiest genres to be swept in. No matter how many you have seen, when it gets to the final match you are there rooting for them to win that game. It's a genre that's largely overdone but when one clicks it soars; most recently the 'Creed' franchise's third instalment proving it still has legs. What we haven't seen a lot of are queer sports films, but 'In from the Side' hopes to change this.

Mark (Alexander Lincoln, 'As I Am', TV's 'Everything I Know About Love') is a part of the B-team at his local rugby club. He lives with his boyfriend but is alone most nights due to his partner traveling, thus they have an open relationship. Warren (Alexander King) is a part of the same rugby club but on the A-team; he is in a relationship with another team member but they are having some difficulties. On a night out the two begin to make out and things get steamy fast, but with both in relationships, will this last?


'In from the Side' is absolutely delightfully steamy gay film. It's romantic and sexy all at the same time, and also packs in a nice amount of humour. The selling point is the incredibly sexy relationship that we are taken on and it's really fun to see it unfold, but 'In from the Side' packs a lot into the relationship, the entire team, engaging sports scenes - it works on every level. It's also beautiful to see a gay sports team with entirely gay players portrayed on screen, it made me want to go out and join my local team; it felt so electric.

It's romantic and sexy all at the same time, and also packs in a nice amount of humour.

The film also deals with a big aspect of the gay dating scene: open relationships. The film has some really great dialogue about the pros and cons and how complicated that can be.

'In from the Side' not only succeeds as a romantic queer story but also as a sports film. It's a great new addition to the love section of the ever-growing LGBIQIA+ library.

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