By Jess Fenton
6th September 2012

Lord have mercy, Kath and Kim have gone global - well, to a small (fictional) village of Papilloma on the heel of Italy at least.

After winning a contest, Kath sets off on fantasy holiday without husband Kel (thanks to his fear of flying), leaving newly single Kim to become the plus one, as well as Kim’s second best friend Sharon Strzelecki as the tag-along. As it turns out, the ladies' dream destination is nothing more than a bankrupt village run by a manipulative king (Rob Sitch) with a penchant for shoes and man bags. Believing Kath to be rich and stupid (well, he’s half right), King Javier takes the girls into his palace hoping that they could be the answer to all of his problems, thus landing our dynamic duo - and Sharon - right in the middle of their very own fractured fairytale.


Taking a small screen concept and translating it to the big screen is nothing new, and unfortunately Kath and Kim have just become the latest victims of this tried, tested and failed idea. This time around the story, setting and all the players are even more ridiculous, turning what used to be delightful fly-on-the-wall satire into a disappointing cash grab, losing what little charm it had with increasingly ridiculous scenarios and jokes we've seen before.

For the avid series watcher, the whole gang is back - along with some Aussie favourites, surprise cameos and even Richard E. Grant (who shares the screen as Alain, King Javier’s page, who captures Sharon’s most special attention). Prue and Trude even get a quite a look in, though why is unclear, as they have no useful storyline to speak of; they just pop up every 15 minutes or so to do what they do best.

Not being much of a fan of the television series myself, I’m going to assume that this is an enjoyable romp for the (apparently) many of you out there that were. Strictly for the fans only, the gals are all yours. Ciao.

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