By Jess Fenton
16th June 2013

If you’re looking for a film about the life and times of the world's most infamous porn-star, Linda Lovelace of ‘Deep Throat’ fame then, err, ‘Lovelace’ is not film for you. It’s the first of two films to be released this year on the ill-fated and unexpected adult superstar - this one starring Amanda Seyfried in a no-holds-barred performance.

For a story rife with domestic violence, forced prostitution, fame, oppression and all that the glorious 70s had to offer, this film is just too light on - on all fronts - barely skimming the surface of each issue. History and time has shown that on one point or another, there are many out there ready and willing to refute Lovelace’s accounts of her time within the porn industry - Lovelace herself has even been known to purger herself on occasion. ‘Lovelace’ is clearly biased towards its namesake, therefore only showcasing a half truth.


Gross inaccuracies and soft truths plague this borderline fluff piece that’s let Hollywood get in the way of a good story. Ironically, this film so lacking in truth is directed by documentary-making duo Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman - two men who are no strangers to the tales of the sex industry, given their past projects.

All the performance are satisfactory, but again, each actor is playing their character for the film and not real life. Linda died at the age of 53, supposedly fighting for the truth and justice - ‘Lovelace’ is a disservice to that memory and legacy.

Linda Lovelace was a victim, absolutely, but she certainly wasn’t a hero, as this film sets out to make her.

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