By Jess Fenton
3rd June 2012

Dreadlocks, marijuana, Jamaica and reggae music could all mean only one thing - Bob Marley. But what about half-caste? Poor? Raised by a single mother? Shy? Spiritual? In the documentary feature simply titled ‘Marley’, filmmaker Kevin Macdonald (‘Touching The Void’ and ‘The Last King of Scotland’) delves deeper into the man behind the music that was and is still a global and spiritual phenomenon. Interviewing Marley’s wife, children, family members, collaborators and bandmates, the audience get to know this man like never before. A man who didn’t fit into either the white nor the black world, who in the end belonged to everyone. A man who fought civil political wars with notes and lyrics. A shy man who came to father 11 children by seven different women. A man who found God through “partaking in the herb”. Married to the music, his true passion and saviour we discover how he literally worked himself to death.


Told in the then and the now through the eyes of those closest to him as well as his fans - the millions of people his music has affected across the globe - ‘Marley’ takes you through past interviews, concert footage and personal accounts right through to today via his children including Ziggy Marley who has carried on his fathers legacy, and stunning cinematic pictures of today’s Jamaica, the home to one of the world's biggest music and spiritual revolutionaries.

Whether you're a fan of his music or not, there is much to be learned about and from this most enigmatic man. At the end of the two and a half hours, Bob Marley will no longer just be a dreadlocked silhouette against a Jamaican flag backdrop (despite the poster) or the godfather of potheads - you will begin to see what so many before us saw - a God, in so many different ways.

There is much to be learned about and from this most enigmatic man.

‘Marley’ allows audiences to find new and truer meanings to the songs they’ve known for decades. This film proves that after all these years, Bob Marley’s spark and star have not faded and likely never will.

Rarely can a film comprehensively encapsulate such a life. ‘Marley’ succeeds where so many have failed - it’s not just about what he did or who he was. It’s about both and so much more.

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