By Brent Davidson
10th August 2016

Sometimes Seth Rogen and the gang get things right. Who didn't love 'Pineapple Express'? That was a quality stoner movie - literally. But when all we see is them getting stoned over and over again, does the joke dry out?

Frank is a hotdog sausage who dreams of being taken to the "great beyond" - the world outside his supermarket home. In the great beyond, the Gods (or we humans) would treat them with utmost care and he could finally be united with his hotdog bun girlfriend Brenda. After a hideous freak accident that leaves many of the shelf items mutilated, they begin to learn the truth about the Gods and their malicious ways. From there, they must rise up against them.

So if it sounds like this was written by some guys who were super baked when they had the idea. "Dude, what if our food was like little people?" From there, the humour doesn't get much better, and ends up feeling like more things you'd (potentially) find funny if you were stoned. The only problem is I get the feeling the vast majority of people probably won't be when they watch it - but it would probably help. Yes, the cast is impressive, but it's just a bunch of friends with too much money who have the ability to bring these sort of things to life.


The humour is cheap and really too obvious. The heavy reliance on stereotypes and the jokes from them only continues to set the tone. There are sex jokes, gay jokes, Jewish jokes, Islamic jokes. Anything that you could imagine offending someone, they've put in. Maybe that was the point and I am just missing it. Let's be honest - if it was done with a sense of style and finesse and just a bit more intelligence it would have almost been an instant classic. Instead, it left me with my jaw dropped and constantly having to cover my mouth in almost polite shock.

Films of this ilk are giving stoner movies a bad name, as a friend passionately exalted after i described the film's premise and a few of the key jokes. If you're looking for a stoner movie of quality I would go watch the entirely underrated 'Smiley Face' starring Anna Farris. If you're looking for a lowest common denominator trip to the cinema, seeing 'Sausage Party' you might just fit the bill.

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