By Jess Fenton
16th July 2014

Okay, yes, let's get it all out in the open now so that it’s not awkward later - the comedic element in the movie ‘Sex Tape’ is not meant to be derived from the idea of Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a legitimate married couple. Nor are we supposed to laugh trying to believe that Diaz’s ripping body has supposedly bore not one but two children.

No, just as the title suggests, our primary couple Jay and Annie, busy little bees that they are and having been together since college, have lost that spark and time to do what couples are supposed to do. So during a rare child-free night, the pair try to get that magic back. After a few disastrous attempts, they decide to make their very own porno using a new iPad with fantastic video resolution.

The event would be a smashing success if it weren’t for “the cloud” - that mysterious invention that everyone uses yet no one seems to know just how it works or, more importantly, how to stop it. It’s eventually discovered that Jay has not only failed to delete the video but it’s actually synched to all the old iPads they’ve given out to friends, family - and even the mailman - over the years. With the added pressure of a mysterious benefactor haunting them and the clock ticking, Jay and Annie spend the night tracking down the iPads and the video trail with the help of their best friends Tess (Ellie Kemper) and Robby (Rob Corrdry).


Diaz and Segel have once again teamed up with their 2011 hit, ‘Bad Teacher’ director Jake Kasdan. That familiarity has played a huge part in this film, considering the frequent nudity by our stars, and let's not forget the reason we’re all here... the graphic sex tape.

Funnily enough, the bulk of the laughs come from the support cast, including Rob Lowe and a choice secret cameo, while Cameron and Jason play the real yet slightly depressing couple struggling to come to terms with the events that led to them needing to make the tape in the first place. However it's the tape itself, finally revealed in the last 10 minutes, that draws the biggest LOL moments. The previous 84 minutes of the film trot along nicely, yet only inspire a smile and a few short-lived giggles.

This sadly isn’t the comedy classic you’d hope it to be, but it ticks a couple of the right boxes here and there.

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