By Jess Fenton
7th July 2018

Not all heroes wear capes... but then again, sometimes they do. They also wear kaftans and fabulous hats, and sit front row at every major fashion show in the world. He’s been one of the biggest characters - both literally and figuratively - in the wonderful world of fashion for over 40 years. Growing up in the American South during the civil rights moment, André Leon Talley has watched the world change in front of his very eyes. His large physical stature, gregarious personality and sexuality have always made him an outsider, as well as his race, but it also meant that he was easy to find, and “his people” - be that artists and/or fellow outsiders - have always gravitated towards him and visa versa.


André is well educated, smart, compassionate, and talented to boot. His ambition, personable nature and capability saw him rise through the ranks of journalism and fashion to become one of the most powerful and influential figures in the industry. Now, framed around the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, his story is finally making its way to the big screen, as no smaller one could fit this larger than life man.

Throughout ‘The Gospel According to André’, the man himself takes us through his most influential relationships, from the grandmother that raised him, to Andy Warhol, Diana Vreeland, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and more, even going so far as to explain why his life is filled with these amazing personal and professional relationship but never a romanic one for the now-68-year-old. Talley is a truly fascinating character. He’s so supportive, compassionate and loving, yet he keeps so much close to the chest. This documentary finally unlocks these powerful stories and emotions that he’s been holding on to for so long about his family, his race, his struggles, and how he changed the industry. It is quite the sight and the tale.

This documentary finally unlocks these powerful stories and emotions that he’s been holding on to for so long.

This self-made man is someone to behold and admire. Filmmaker Kate Novack (‘Page One: Inside the New York Times’) has created a very diverse yet intimate portrait of André. Given the industry and André’s footprint on it, Novack has an incredible archive of footage at her disposal going back to Studio 54, as well as articles, editorials, as well as fans, friends and family to interview. This beautiful and rare look into the man inside the man is a gift to all fashion, history and influencer lovers.

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