By Jess Fenton
1st May 2013

In the brilliant new Thomas Vinterberg (‘The Celebration’) film ‘The Hunt’, a character is quoted as saying to his young daughter that there is evil in this world. No truer words were spoken, especially here. Mads Mikkelson (‘Casino Royale’) is the definition of harrowing in his gripping performance as ostracised, wrongly accused kindergarden teacher Lucas.

When young student Klara accuses Lucas of inappropriate behaviour in a moment of innocent anger and heartbreak, this seemingly innocuous lie takes on a life of its own, spiralling out of control and taking an innocent man down with it, along well as friendships, relationships, sanity and dignity.


‘The Hunt’ is a rare film that defies explanation or judgement - it simply must be seen to be fully comprehended. Rich in just about every element imaginable, the whole compelling package is near impossible to fault. The social relevance of this film is its drawcard and where it finds it’s importance and poignancy. However, this film excels with its magnetic ensemble cast, led by a flawless Mikkelson.

‘The Hunt’ has already been a festival favourite and Cannes darling, taking out Best Actor, a jury and technical artist prize, as well as a Palme d’Or nomination - and now it’s time to find a wider audience.

Not for the faint of heart, your time spent with this film will not be regretted.

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