By Brent Davidson
15th September 2014

I’m starting to think I had a very event-free adolescence. Not once was I put into some sort of arena where I needed to fight for my own survival, to the death, or be sorted based on personality traits. If, hundreds of years into the future, civilisations look back and think this is part of humanity now, we know Hollywood will be to blame. Then again, maybe it's all just a big metaphor for high school or the transition into adulthood - a murderous transition indeed.

‘The Maze Runner’ is another in a long line of films about teens in life-or-death situations in a post-apocalyptic earth. This time round, we follow Thomas (Dylan O'Brien), who wakes up in a mysterious pasture in the middle of a gigantic ever-changing maze. The others of the clearing have formed their own social order, however this is disrupted not only by the arrival of Thomas, but the first female arrival – also fated as the last. Now it's on these youths to escape The Maze – or die trying.


This is another in the long line of these teen phenomenon books turned movies. It’s a little bit ‘Hunger Games’, a little bit ‘Divergent’, and a little bit too familiar territory. It is good to see a male protagonist, although he does feel like an entirely interchangeable character. That said, it's still a very engaging and fun film. Leave your expectations at the door and let yourself get swept away with story and you won't be disappointed. The acting is solid from a slew of Nouveau Hollywood stars set to become household names very soon.

‘The Maze Runner’ is a teen action adventure that will have its target audience guessing until the end and does a very good job of setting up what appears to be a trilogy, leaving the audience wanting to know about the world that created The Maze. With twists and turns aplenty, 'The Maze Runner' hits no dead ends, and is all too much fun to be lost in.

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