By Jess Fenton
30th June 2013

In a cinema landscape riddled with sequels and remakes, it’s no wonder people claim there’s a lack of originality - well, rest assured that there’s still a little juice left in the tank. The Apatow clan, who could be considered the stoner Brat Pack for the 21st century, have broken out on their own with writing and producing duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg - and they're bringing the whole gang along for the ride.

‘This Is The End’ starts with Seth Rogen picking up fellow Canadian Jay Baruchel at the airport. The pair haven’t seen each other in a while, with Seth now calling LA home while Jay remains in native Canada. After a day of video games, pot, food, pot, beers and more pot, Seth suggests they head to friend James Franco’s housewarming party. Not really a fan of the LA scene and feeling like the odd one out, Jay is reluctant, but agrees to go. At some point in the evening, umm... the apocalypse occurs. Stay with me. With the bulk of the partygoers plunging to their death into a giant sinkhole to hell in Franco’s front yard, the remaining few take refuge inside the house with little supplies, patience and varying emotions, beliefs and views on decorum in the event of such a crisis.


With a cast full of best friends and colleagues all playing themselves (well, versions of themselves), there’s no gag, self-referential line or jab left untouched. The fun obviously had in the making of the film radiates off the screen and pulls everyone in. With fan favourites like Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Emma Watson, as well as cameos that will surprise and delight you, there’s someone for everyone.

The fun obviously had in the making of the film radiates off the screen.

Rogen and Goldberg have that rare genius quality - think Matt Parker and Trey Stone. Sure, their humour revolves around masturbation and getting high, but that doesn’t mean it’s not done well. These boys are smart, clever, and they’re having a great time and making buckets of money while doing it.

A cursory knowledge of the cast's careers and relationships to one another will add so much more to your ‘This Is The End’ experience, but it’s not necessary for entertaining viewing.

P.S. - ‘This Is The End’ is worth a view simply for Michael Cera’s brief but highly memorable appearance alone.

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