By Jess Fenton
17th August 2016

Remember when war used to be about noble things like power, plain and simple? Now it's about stupid shit like greed. So meet Efraim (Jonah Hill) and David (Miles Teller) - it’s 2005 and these two 22-year-olds from Miami are just looking for the same things as everyone else their age: money, purpose and fulfilment. With a baby on the way and desperate, David joins forces with Efraim, his best friend from junior high, and the pair become bottom-feeding gun runners for small U.S. military contracts. A couple of hundred guns here, a couple thousand guns there. It all keeps their pockets filled and their lives fun - but like everyone, they want more. As their business grows and grows along with their appetite, their eyes eventually become bigger than there stomachs and things take a turn for the worse.


This true story is brought to you by Todd Phillips, the writer/director/producer who gave us ‘The Hangover’ trilogy. Now before you role your eyes and yell “Pass!”, just remember that Adam McKay, the director of all those Will Farrell movies, gave us the Oscar-nominated ‘The Big Short’ last year. See, people can change, or at least evolve... temporarily.

Phillips has paired two of Hollywood’s hottest young actors to play the youthful and naïve entrepreneurs in an electric match up. Once again, Hill has proven his talent as he goes from strength to strength. While Teller has downplayed his usual cocky demeanour to beautifully play the “innocent” to Hill’s hustler. Unfortunately neither character is pushed enough to their extremes to play the laughs to their full potential, nor really sink into the film’s satirical side. But at the same time neither are they straight-laced enough to play the love/hate combo that will leave audiences either rooting for or vilifying our protagonists.

The film pairs two of Hollywood’s hottest young actors to play the youthful and naïve entrepreneurs in an electric match up.

Sitting nicely and enjoyably in the middle, ‘War Dogs’ takes us on an entertaining and haunting journey through the ugly and greedy side of a U.S. war, with some giggles and George W. Bush bashing along the way. With all the blockbusters out of the way and winter's end well and truly nigh, this is a good little appetite suppressant until November comes around.

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