By Jess Fenton
19th May 2014

The prodigal son has returned! The prodigal son has returned! After straying from the flock back in 2006 to direct a little tale about a man from Krypton, original ‘X-Men’ and X-Men 2’ director Bryan Singer has found his way home to helm the sequel to the prequel that’s also the sequel to the original series (still with me?), ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’. Much like its non-linear story, ‘Future Past’ is a little cross-eyed in its position within the franchise, but is definitely the bridge that links the two series.

When the future war between humans and mutants leaves the world decimated and both sides almost annihilated, our core group of remaining mutants including Charles Xavier, Eric (Magnito) and Logan (Wolverine) use one mutant's power to send Logan’s subconscious back to 1973 to stop the event that sets of a massive and disastrous chain, resulting in the present holocaust. While there, Logan encounters the very young and very different Charles and Eric, whom he must first convince of his mission and then make everyone play nice to accomplish it.


With Singer back in the director's chair where he belongs, everything has a beautiful cohesion about it, with a lovingly developed story and its legacy. True, when it comes to time travel, it’s best not to think too hard about it, and in this case results in a convoluted back and forth tale, but which is by no means any less engaging. Singer has brought back the elegance that was sadly missing in his absence from ‘The Last Stand’ and the Origins series, but it's back now and that’s all that matters.

‘Future Past’ is, quite simply, ambitious to the extreme, and it pulls it off. Sure, there’s some shakiness to it, but the film convinces you by the end. It overcomes its overwhelming nature by focusing on the characters and story rather than this mutant and his powers verses that mutant and his powers. Mutant or not, they’re all people at their core who are fighting for their lives, existence and, most importantly, their future.

‘Future Past’ is, quite simply, ambitious to the extreme, and it pulls it off.

With each series stockpiled with the best of the best, cast-wise, bringing the two together is nothing short of spectacular. Everyone is in top form whether they’re on screen for two minutes or two hours, and each one of them is utterly captivating.

Seven movies in and more doors and stories are being opened, not closed. Fans rejoice - the X-Men aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Note to fans: Yes, there is a bonus scene at the end of the credits.

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