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Starring Kenneth Branagh, Kelly Reilly, Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Dornan, Kyle Allen, Tina Fey, Camille Cottin, Riccardo Scamarcio, Emma Laird and Jude Hill. Directed by Kenneth Branagh.
Starring Olga Kurylenko, Lambert Wilson, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Alex Lawther, Riccardo Scamarcio, Sara Giraudeau, Eduardo Noriega, Manolis Mavromatakis, Anna Maria Sturm and Maria Leite. Directed by Régis Roinsard.

The eagerly awaited final book of a best-selling Dragon Tattoo-esque French trilogy is about to be globally released, and nine international language experts have been hired to translate it into their native tongues (English, Danish, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and German). With the stakes so high, the supercilious publisher (Lambert Wilson) has them on lock-down, confined together in a bunker – without any contact to the outside world – until the task is completed.

So when the first ten pages of the top-secret manuscript inexplicably leak online with a ransom threat, it’s evident that the thief could only be amongst them. Their increasingly paranoid and desperate captor is ready to do whatever it takes to unmask him... or her... or them.

LORO (2019)
Starring Toni Servillo, Elena Sofia Ricci, Riccardo Scamarcio, Kasia Smutniak, Ricky Memphis, Euridice Axén, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Roberto De Francesco, Dario Cantarelli and Anna Bonaiuto. Directed by Paolo Sorrentino.

Seduction, glamour, corruption, drugs and raucous poolside parties: the life and times of scandal-plagued Silvio Berlusconi have long-demanded a screen depiction.

REVIEWS Loro - Flashy and fleshy

Starring Keanu Reeves, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ian McShane, Ruby Rose, Common, Claudia Gerini, Lance Reddick, Laurence Fishburne, Tobias Segal and John Leguizamo. Directed by Chad Stahelski.

John Wick is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world’s deadliest killers.

REVIEWS John Wick: Chapter 2 - The body count is bigger and Keanu is badder

BURNT (2015)
Starring Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Daniel Brühl, Riccardo Scamarcio, Sam Keeley, Alicia Vikander, Matthew Rhys, Lily James and Uma Thurman. Directed by John Wells.

Chef Adam Jones had it all – and lost it. A two-star Michelin rockstar with the bad habits to match, the former enfant terrible of the Paris restaurant scene did everything different every time out, and only ever cared about the thrill of creating explosions of taste. To land his own kitchen and that third elusive Michelin star though, he’ll need the best of the best on his side, including the beautiful Helene.

REVIEWS Burnt - Undercooked

Starring Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Penélope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Woody Allen, Judy Davis, Alison Pill, Alessandra Mastronardi and Riccardo Scamarcio. Directed by Woody Allen.

REVIEWS To Rome With Love - Confusion in the Eternal City

Starring Riccardo Scamarcio, Louis Garrel, Isabelle Huppert, Vinicio Marchioni, Lolita Chammah, Micaela Ramazzotti, Alessandro Haber, Michele Placido, Brenno Placido and Moni Ovadia. Directed by Michele Placido.

Italy 1610. Michelangelo Merisi, better known as Caravaggio, ignores Catholic Church rulings that dictate how religious subjects are to be represented. Having been informed that he depicts prostitutes, thieves and vagabonds in his work, Pope Paul V orders the Vatican secret service to investigate, to decide whether to grant the clemency for which Caravaggio has petitioned since being sentenced to death for the murder of a rival in love.

The investigator - known as The Shadow - begins the inquiry that will lead him to discover the conflicting vices and virtues of the artist whose life - or death - lies in his hands.

Starring Margherita Buy, Nanni Moretti, Alessandro Sperduti, Riccardo Scamarcio, Elena Lietti, Chiara Abalsamo, Giulia Coppari, Gea Dall'Orto, Alba Rohrwacher and Adriano Giannini. Directed by Nanni Moretti.

On the first floor, a young couple grapples with suspicion about their elderly neighbour.

On the second floor, a mother of two children fights loneliness and the spectre of madness, as her husband is always away for work.

On the third floor, a retired judge looks back on her past with her husband, as they deal with their troubled son.

As these stories begin to entwine, the choices each resident makes will set the course for their next decade and future beyond.


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