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Starring Leslie Odom Jr and Ellen Burstyn. Directed by David Gordon Green.

REVIEWS The Exorcist: Believer - The devil is in none of the details in this terrible legacy sequel

M3GAN (2023)
Starring Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez and Jen Van Epps. Directed by Gerard Johnstone.

REVIEWS M3GAN - Your new favourite killer doll

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Nick Castle, John Flanagan, John West Jr, Mahogany Raspberry, James Jude Courtney and Kourtnei Green. Directed by David Gordon Green.

REVIEWS Halloween Ends - A bang, a whimper and a shrug of an ending

Starring Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Zac Efron, Sydney Lemmon, Kurtwood Smith, Michael Greyeyes and Gloria Reuben. Directed by Keith Thomas.

For more than a decade, parents Andy and Vicky have been on the run, desperate to hide their daughter Charlie from a shadowy federal agency that wants to harness her unprecedented gift for creating fire into a weapon of mass destruction.

Andy has taught Charlie how to defuse her power, which is triggered by anger or pain. But as Charlie turns 11, the fire becomes harder and harder to control. After an incident reveals the family’s location, a mysterious operative is deployed to hunt down the family and seize Charlie once and for all. Charlie has other plans.

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Anthony Michael Hall, Kyle Richards, Nick Castle, James Jude Courtney, Jibrail Nantambu, Robert Longstreet and Nancy Stephens. Directed by David Gordon Green.

Minutes after Laurie Strode, her daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson left masked monster Michael Myers caged and burning in Laurie’s basement, Laurie is rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, believing she finally killed her lifelong tormentor. ​

But when Michael manages to free himself from Laurie’s trap, his ritual bloodbath resumes. As Laurie fights her pain and prepares to defend herself against him, she inspires all of Haddonfield to rise up against their unstoppable monster.

The Strode women join a group of other survivors of Michael’s first rampage who decide to take matters into their own hands, forming a vigilante mob that sets out to hunt Michael down, once and for all.

Evil dies tonight.

REVIEWS Halloween Kills - Killer sequel is nothing but filler

FREAKY (2020)
Starring Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton, Alan Ruck, Katie Finneran, Celeste O'Connor, Misha Osherovich, Uriah Shelton, Dana Drori, Dustin Lewis and Kelly Lamor Wilson. Directed by Christopher Landon.

Seventeen-year-old Millie Kessler is just trying to survive the bloodthirsty halls of Blissfield High and the cruelty of the popular crowd. But when she becomes the newest target of The Butcher, her town’s infamous serial killer, her senior year becomes the least of her worries.

When The Butcher’s mystical ancient dagger causes him and Millie to wake up in each other’s bodies, Millie learns that she has just 24 hours to get her body back before the switch becomes permanent and she’s trapped in the form of a middle-aged maniac forever. The only problem is she now looks like a towering psychopath who’s the target of a city-wide manhunt while The Butcher looks like her and has brought his appetite for carnage to Homecoming.

With some help from her friends - ultra-woke Nyla, ultra-fabulous Joshua and her crush Booker - Millie races against the clock to reverse the curse while The Butcher discovers that having a female teen body is the perfect cover for a little Homecoming killing spree.

REVIEWS Freaky - Get your freak on

Starring Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, Zoey Luna, Nicholas Galitzine, David Duchovny, Michelle Monaghan, Julian Grey, Donald MacLean Jr and Charles Vandervaart. Directed by Zoe Lister-Jones.

An eclectic foursome of aspiring teenage witches get more than they bargained for as they lean into their newfound powers.
Starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Elisabeth Moss, Storm Reid, Aldis Hodge, Harriet Dyer, Amali Golden, Benedict Hardie, Zara Michales, Anthony Brandon Wong and Bianca Pomponio. Directed by Leigh Whannell.

Trapped in a violent, controlling relationship with a wealthy and brilliant scientist, Cecilia Kass escapes in the dead of night and disappears into hiding, aided by her sister, their childhood friend and his teenage daughter.

But when Cecilia’s abusive ex commits suicide and leaves her a generous portion of his vast fortune, Cecilia suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of eerie coincidences turn lethal, threatening the lives of those she loves, Cecilia’s sanity begins to unravel as she desperately tries to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see.

REVIEWS The Invisible Man - Paranoia, gaslighting and spookiness

Starring Lucy Hale, Michael Peña, Jimmy O. Yang, Michael Rooker, Charlotte McKinney, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Austin Stowell, Ryan Hansen, Portia Doubleday and Maggie Q. Directed by Jeff Wadlow.

At a luxurious but remote tropical resort, the enigmatic Mr. Roarke makes the secret dreams of his lucky guests come true. But when the fantasies turn into nightmares, the guests have to solve the island’s mystery in order to escape with their lives.

REVIEWS Fantasy Island - A suprisingly fun horror-tinged adventure

US (2019)
Starring Lupita Nyong'O, Elisabeth Moss, Winston Duke, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Tim Heidecker, Kara Hayward, Darrel Cherney, Anna Diop and Yahya Abdul-Mateen Ii. Directed by Jordan Peele.

REVIEWS Us - Another jaw-dropping classic from a new master of horror

Starring Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Suraj Sharma, Sarah Yarkin and Rachel Matthews. Directed by Christopher B. Landon.
GLASS (2019)
Starring Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sarah Paulson, Spencer Treat Clark, Charlayne Woodard, Luke Kirby, Marisa Brown and Ursula Triplett. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

REVIEWS Glass - It's clear as... mud

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Nick Castle, Miles Robbins, Toby Huss, Jefferson Hall and Haluk Bilginer. Directed by David Gordon Green.

Laurie Strode will come to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

REVIEWS Halloween - A thrilling and worthy successor to the horror classic

Starring John David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier, Topher Grace, Robert John Burke, Corey Hawkins, Paul Walter Hauser, Craig Mums Grant, Michael J. Burg and Jasper Pääkkönen. Directed by Spike Lee.

From visionary director Spike Lee comes the provocative story based on Ron Stallworth’s real life as Colorado Springs’s first African-American police officer who went undercover to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. Unbelievably, Detective Stallworth and his partner Flip Zimmerman penetrate the KKK at its highest levels to thwart its attempt to take over the city. Produced by the team behind the Academy Award-winning 'Get Out', Spike Lee uses his trademark take-no-prisoner style and humour to tell this story often missing from the history books.

REVIEWS BlacKkKlansman - Spike Lee plays his Trump card

Starring Colin Woodell, Betty Gabriel, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Andrew Lees, Connor Del Rio, Stephanie Nogueras, Savira Windyani, Chelsea Alden, Bryan Adrian and Judith Roberts. Directed by Stephen Susco.

When a 20-something finds a cache of hidden files on his new laptop, he and his friends are unwittingly thrust into the depths of the dark web. They soon discover someone has been watching their every move and will go to unimaginable lengths to protect the dark web.
UPGRADE (2018)
Starring Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel, Harrison Gilbertson, Christopher Kirby and Benedict Hardie. Directed by Leigh Whannell.

Grey Trace, a technophobe in a utopian near-future when computers control nearly everything - from cars to crime-surveillance - is paralysed in a freak mugging during which his wife is murdered. But when a billionaire technologist offers him an experimental paralysis cure - an implanted computer chip called Stem - Grey finds that the chip can help him avenge her death.

REVIEWS Upgrade - Futurism and face-smashing action

GET OUT (2017)
Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, Milton Howery, Betty Gabriel, Marcus Henderson and Lakeith Stanfield. Directed by Jordan Peele.

Now that Chris and his girlfriend, Rose have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean.

At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behaviour as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he could have never imagined.

REVIEWS Get Out - An intelligent and delectable horror classic

SPLIT (2017)
Starring James McAvoy, Betty Buckley and Anya Taylor-Joy. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Though Kevin has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr Fletcher, there remains one still submerged who is set to materialise and dominate all the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the wilful, observant Casey, Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him - as well as everyone around him - as the walls between his compartments shatter apart.

REVIEWS Split - A tense, terrifying thriller from M. Night Shyamalan

Starring Elizabeth Reaser, Henry Thomas, Lulu Wilson and Annalise Basso. Directed by Mike Flanagan.

In 1965 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her two daughters add a new stunt to bolster their séance scam business and unwittingly invite authentic evil into their home. When the youngest daughter is overtaken by the merciless spirit, this small family confronts unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to the other side.

REVIEWS Ouija: Origin of Evil - How to make a great horror sequel

Starring Frank Grillo, Edwin Hodge, Betty Gabriel, Kyle Secor, Jj Soria, Mykelti Williamson and Elizabeth Mitchell. Directed by James Demonaco.
Starring Nathan Brewer and Jay Hieron. Directed by Gregory Plotkin.

REVIEWS Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - Serious scares

THE VISIT (2015)
Starring Kathryn Hahn, Ed Oxenbould, Benjamin Kanes and Ovivia Dejonge. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

The terrifying story of a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents’ remote Pennsylvania farm for a weeklong trip. Once the children discover that the elderly couple is involved in something deeply disturbing, they see their chances of getting back home are growing smaller every day.

REVIEWS The Visit - You can't choose your family

THE GIFT (2015)
Starring Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton and Allison Tolman. Directed by Joel Edgerton.

A young married couple's lives are thrown into a harrowing tailspin when an acquaintance from the husband's past brings mysterious gifts and a horrifying secret to light after more than 20 years.

REVIEWS The Gift - Guaranteed to chill you to your core

Starring Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz, Gabrielle Walsh, Renee Victor, Carlos Pratts, Richard Cabral and Gloria Sandoval. Directed by Christopher Landon.

REVIEWS Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Starring Patrick Wilson, Lin Shaye, Barbara Hershey, Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson. Directed by James Wan.

A haunted family struggles to uncover a terrifying secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.
Starring Ethan Hawke - Ellison, Juliet Rylance - Tracy, James Ransone - Deputy and Vincent D'Onofrio - Professor Jonas. Directed by Scott Derrickson.

Ellison is a true crime novelist desperately trying to recapture his earlier success. When he discovers a mysterious box of disturbing home movies, he plunges his life and that of his young family into total chaos, terror and potential doom – learning the hard way that once you see him, nothing can save you.

REVIEWS Sinister - Home video horror-show

Starring Kiersey Clemons, Emory Cohen, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Andrew Crawford and Benedict Samuel. Directed by J.d. Dillard.

Jenn has washed ashore a small tropical island and it doesn't take her long to realize she's completely alone. She must spend her days not only surviving the elements, but must also fend off the malevolent force that comes out each night.

REVIEWS Sweetheart - A lean, mean survival thriller

Starring Emma Roberts, Justin Hartley, Glenn Howerton, Ike Barinholtz, Hans Marrero, Iyad Hajjaj, Ned Yousef, J. C. MacKenzie, Hilary Swank and Ethan Suplee. Directed by Craig Zobel.

Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing. They don’t know where they are, or how they got there. They don't know they’ve been chosen… for a very specific purpose … The Hunt.

In the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory, a group of elites gathers for the very first time at a remote Manor House to hunt ordinary Americans for sport. But the elites’ master plan is about to be derailed because one of The Hunted, Crystal (Betty Gilpin, GLOW), knows The Hunters’ game better than they do. She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off, one by one, as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman (two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank) at the centre of it all.

REVIEWS The Hunt - Blunt, lazy and undeserving of controversy

Starring Aubery Peeples, Stefanie Scott, Aurora Perrineau, Hayley Kiyoko, Ryan Guzman, Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis. Directed by Jon M. Chu.

As a small-town girl catapults from underground video sensation to global superstar, she and her three sisters begin a one-in-a-million journey of discovering that some talents are too special to keep hidden. The four aspiring musicians take the world by storm when they see that the key to creating your own destiny lies in finding your own voice.
Starring Octavia Spencer, Juliette Lewis, Missi Pyle, Luke Evans, Diana Silvers, Kyanna Simone Simpson, Allison Janney, McKaley Miller, Corey Fogelmanis and Dominic Burgess. Directed by Tate Taylor.

Sue Ann is a loner who keeps to herself in her quiet Ohio town. One day, she is asked by Maggie, a new teenager in town, to buy some booze for her and her friends, and Sue Ann sees the chance to make some unsuspecting, if younger, friends of her own. She offers the kids the chance to avoid drinking and driving by hanging out in the basement of her home. But there are some house rules: One of the kids has to stay sober. Don’t curse. Never go upstairs. And call her “Ma.” But as Ma’s hospitality starts to curdle into obsession, what began as a teenage dream turns into a terrorising nightmare, and Ma’s place goes from the best place in town to the worst place on earth.

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