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Undine works in Berlin as a historian and guide to the city‘s development. She has a small apartment at Alexanderplatz, a master‘s degree in history, and a freelance contract. But underneath the appearance of her modern city life lurks an old myth: if the man Undine loves betrays her, she has to kill him and return to the water she once came from. So, when her lover Johannes leaves her for another woman, Undine thinks she has no choice – until in the moment of betrayal, she meets Christoph, an industrial diver, and unexpectedly falls for him. This is a new, happy and innocent love filled with curiosity and trust. But when Christoph starts to feel that Undine is running away from something, she has to face her curse once and for all. She doesn‘t want to lose this love.
Undine - A gently magical romance in the German capital
A gently magical romance in the German capital
While it might the slightest of Christian Petzold's films thus far in his career, 'Undine' is a tranquil and supremely touching relationship drama.
RELEASE DATE: 16/12/2021
RUN TIME: 01h 31m
CAST: Paula Beer
Franz Rogowski
Maryam Zaree
Jacob Matschenz
Anne Ratte-Polle
Rafael Stachowiak
Julia Franz Richter
Gloria Endres De Oliveira
José Barros
Enno Trebs
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Christian Petzold
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