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Episode 13: Blade Runner 2049, Song To Song, Final Portrait
Charlie, Jess, Brent and Chris discuss the week's films and reveal their most-anticipated films for the upcoming awards season, plus Jess visits one of Sydney’s oldest and most iconic cinemas to meet the man bringing your most beloved movies back to the big screen.
Blade Runner

▸ Gotti
Pitch Perfect 3

▸ As we enter a desert on the film release calendar, there is a glorious oasis not so far off on the horizon - awards season is looming. Coming off of the recent trifecta of international film festivals - Telluride, Venice and Toronto - there are some really exciting films making themselves known. So what are we all looking forward to?

As much as we love sitting in our PJs in the comfort our our own home, scrolling through Netflix, nothing beats the cinema experience. Jess sat down with Lachlan McLeod - the man behind the new retro programming at Ritz Cinema in Randwick, Sydney, to talk about the good old days, the changing cinema audience and what they have in store for their fancy 70mm projector.

For more full details on the Ritz’s upcoming screenings, head to ritzcinema.com.au.

For an extended version of the interview, visit SWITCH's YouTube channel.

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