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Episode 19: Justice League, Lucky, The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, Blade Of The Immortal, Louis Theroux: Heroin Town
Charlie, Jess, Daniel and Jake discuss the week's films, discus why we still haven't seen a queer superhero character, ask what actors should be erased from films à la Kevin Spacey, and speak to a former spy to sort out the on-screen fact from fiction.
Justice League
The Killing Of A Sacred Deer
Blade Of The Immortal

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▸ Amidst the praise being directed at ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, actor Tessa Thompson revealed that she played her character Valkyrie as bisexual. Marvel then confirmed that a scene that makes this more obvious was actually cut from the film. Marvel seemed to think it deserved kudos for including a queer superhero character - but does it? Does revealing this character information after the fact earn them the points for representation, or is this piecemeal offering actually more insulting when you can’t even see this in the final film, especially when Disney have already been woefully guilty of this in the past twelve months?
▸ The hits just keep on coming in the wake of the Hollywood sexual assault scandal. Oscar winner Kevin Spacey is the latest to crumble beneath the avalanche of accusations, with Netflix not only cutting ties with the actor, but also cancelling the highly popular series ‘House Of Cards’. Further to this, just five weeks out from release, Ridley Scott has made the extreme decision to replace Spacey from his latest film ‘All The Money In The World’ with fellow Oscar winner Christopher Plummer. This last-minute scramble is a huge gamble for the film as is enters awards season, which makes us reflect on other pictures that have made such dramatic 11th hour changes, and ask if you could erase any actor from a film, what would it be?

To celebrate the release of 'Atomic Blonde' on home entertainment, Jess was invited to attend Atomic Spy School. There she were privileged to be instructed in the ways of espionage by former Australian Secret Intelligence Service and MI6-trained spy Warren Reed.

'Atomic Blonde’ is out now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and digital.

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