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Episode 26: All The Money In The World
Charlie, Jess, Daniel and Brent discuss the week's films, look at the secret behind A24, the distribution company responsible for some of the biggest indie hits of the past few years, plus ask when will Marvel get a female-led film?
All The Money In The World

▸ After garnering awards attention and critical praise, Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut ‘Lady Bird’ has become the highest earning film for U.S. film distribution company A24. Casual filmgoers might not know that name, but they’ve been responsible for some of the best films of the past few years, including ‘The Disaster Artist’, ‘The Witch’ and Oscar winner ‘Moonlight’. So who is this little company-that-could, and how have they changed the way Hollywood works?

A24's films include...

▸ Moonlight
▸ The Witch
▸ The Florida Project
▸ Spring Breakers
▸ The Lobster
▸ Good Times
▸ The Killing Of A Sacred Deer
▸ A Ghost Story
▸ 20th Century Women
▸ Swiss Army Man
▸ Ex Machina
▸ Room
▸ Krisha
▸ Under The Skin
▸ The Rover
▸ Amy

▸ Karen Gillan - who you might remember as Amy Pond from ‘Doctor Who’ or Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - is continuing her push for an all-female Marvel film. Not only is it a great idea, there's nothing holding back the studios anymore who claim that female action films don’t make money - ‘Wonder Woman’, anyone? So what would make this film work?

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