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Episode 31: Fifty Shades Freed, Happy End, The Wound, Insidious: The Last Key, The 15:17 To Paris, Menashe
Charlie, Jess, Daniel and Jake discuss the week's films, check out the winner of the Directors Guild of America Awards and find out what they could mean for the Oscars, take a look at the top film scores of the 21st century, and find out why Nicolas Cage is set to appear in more new (and old) films.
Fifty Shades Freed
Happy End
The Wound
▸ Insidious: The Last Key
▸ The 15:17 To Paris

Ant-Man And The Wasp

▸ This past weekend the gongs continued to sound out as the Directors Guild of America Awards took to the stage. How could the outcome affect the Oscars?
▸ Recently, the writers at Indiewire named their top 25 film scores of the 21st century, a list that includes some of the biggest films of the last two decades along with some unexpected surprises. Film music has changed dramatically in the last 17 years, from even richer orchestral scores to experimental work from some of the best music artists in the world. So what are some of our picks for best scores of this century?
▸ Ever wanted to see Nicolas Cage as Luke Skywalker, or Scarlet O’Hara? Wonder Woman? Even Oskar Schindler? Well, you’re in luck. A little piece of software called FakeApp uses an algorithm which makes it possible to scan a celebrity’s face and glue it over preexisting video content. Finally, a positive use for all the fancy, high-tech deep learning technology!

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