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Ashley is a Melbourne-based uni student. She may have a degree in neuroscience but you can catch her at a cinema the moment class is over (or even between classes!). A life-long lover of film, she recently started putting finger to keyboard to start reviewing films she loves and sharing her thoughts with the world.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: Tame Impala, Taylor Swift, Radiohead
TOP 3 MOVIES: La La Land, Whiplash, First Man (Damien Chazelle is my one true love)
BEST CONCERT: Tame Impala at Laneway 2017
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Seeing 'Anastasia' with my cousins and hiding under my chair during the frightening Rasputin scenes.

Halloween Kills - Killer sequel is nothing but filler
HALLOWEEN KILLSKiller sequel is nothing but filler
In trying to be greater than your average horror film, it fails terribly at everything, playing less like an instalment and more like a filler episode while audiences await the killer finale.
Lamb - it'll grow on ewe
LAMBit'll grow on ewe
Valdimar Jóhannsson certainly has ambition, and despite not quite effectively building a unique mood, it suggests he has the talent to swing for the fences in future eerie genre outings.
Flashback - Not a trip but a chore
FLASHBACKNot a trip but a chore
There's nothing more disappointing than seeing a film with a great premise completely fumble its execution. Perhaps, in another timeline, there's a version of this movie that works.
Moulin Rouge! - Still spectacular (spectacular!), 20 years later
MOULIN ROUGE!Still spectacular (spectacular!), 20 years later
On paper, 'Moulin Rouge!' shouldn't work, but even after 20 years, there's nothing quite like it. It is a singular cinematic experience that feels both years ahead of its time and timeless altogether.
I Blame Society - Mary Sue turns murderous in Meta madness
I BLAME SOCIETYMary Sue turns murderous in Meta madness
Fascinating portraits of an ego unchecked are common in films with male protagonists, so if a gender-flipped crossover of 'Nightcrawler' and 'Spree' sounds like your cup of tea, look no further.
Spiral: From the Book of Saw - slasher series receives satisfactory spin off
SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAWslasher series receives satisfactory spin off
Even if 'Spiral' isn't the most original film ever made, it holds audience interest for long enough, and its kills are just memorable enough to justify its existence beyond a simple cash grab.
Locked Down - Far from pandemic perfection
LOCKED DOWNFar from pandemic perfection
I'm sure we'll see far more tasteless pandemic-themed films in the future, but this is so bland that it's hard to imagine anyone will tackle this ongoing issue with any real grace for years to come.
Ema - Horrifying yet hypnotic
EMAHorrifying yet hypnotic
A unique and electric flurry of anger, propelled by unconventionally centred dance routines and a knockout lead performance. 
The United States vs. Billie Holiday - a biopic that fails to soar
THE UNITED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLIDAYa biopic that fails to soar
Andra Day deserves a better opportunity to showcase both her acting and singing talent, and Billie Holiday deserves a biopic far less by-the-numbers than this.
Love and Monsters - A fun freakshow for the whole family
LOVE AND MONSTERSA fun freakshow for the whole family
Yet another victim of the pandemic-mandated cinema-to-VOD shuffle, it's unfortunate that this film won't get a chance to shine on the big screen in the way few non-franchise films get to any more.
Supernova - Colin Firth & Stanley Tucci's comforting yet confronting romance
SUPERNOVAColin Firth & Stanley Tucci's comforting yet confronting romance
A patient portrait of every couple's worst nightmare. It serves as a reminder to hold the ones you love tight, in an experience designed to make your heart swell before shattering it completely.
Soul - Pixar's finest work in years
SOULPixar's finest work in years
It implores you to find beauty and gratitude in your circumstances. There is no doubt that is by far the best film Pixar has released in years - possibly even this decade.
Summerland - Sweet and sentimental
SUMMERLANDSweet and sentimental
It goes beyond its often-tired narrative beats to deliver a moving story about love, loss and belonging, while managing to take its devastating subject matter and presenting it in a mostly jaunty way.
Sound of Metal - A touching cinematic triumph
SOUND OF METALA touching cinematic triumph
A unique cinematic experience that should be on the radars of anyone wanting to catch one of the best films this year. Movies like this do not come around very often.
12 Hour Shift - The most fun you'll have in a hospital
12 HOUR SHIFTThe most fun you'll have in a hospital
While fun, it's exactly the horror-comedy affair you'd expect from a B-grade movie. It expects its audience to come for the blood and the belly laughs, but doesn't dig anything deeper.
Radioactive - Middling biopic fails to light up
RADIOACTIVEMiddling biopic fails to light up
Uncertain if it wants to be a biopic, a period drama, or a meditation on the role of women in male-dominated fields - though possible to be all three, sadly its fragile script can't juggle all three.
Easy A - Top marks for the teen comedy on its 10th anniversary
EASY ATop marks for the teen comedy on its 10th anniversary
After 10 years, this is a teen comedy classic that's also an incredibly important look into how female sexuality can be controlled and governed by others from teenagerhood.
Spree - A flawed but fun black comedy
SPREEA flawed but fun black comedy
On the surface, it's an equally fun and bleak look at a young man driven to insanity by his own hubris. It's just a shame the surface is all there is to it.
Becky - Bloody fun with untapped potential
BECKYBloody fun with untapped potential
An unlikely mash-up of 'John Wick'-style violence and 'Home Alone' hijinks, one that's best enjoyed when common sense is left at the door. If only its writing and plot were as well done as its gore.
Never Rarely Sometimes Always - The film every teenager needs to see
NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYSThe film every teenager needs to see
A heartbreaking and powerful experience that should be considered one of the year's most essential watches. Its commitment to authentically tell an all-too-common story only adds to its power.
Babyteeth - A frustrating but funny Australian teen dramedy
BABYTEETHA frustrating but funny Australian teen dramedy
Its cast and crew are at the top of their game, resulting in a film that's just as heartbreaking as any other teen cancer film, but elevated through a humour and cynicism.
Endings, Beginnings - Star-studded sex drama lacks substance
ENDINGS, BEGINNINGSStar-studded sex drama lacks substance
Despite committed work from Shailene Woodley, Jamie Dornan and Sebastian Stan and an interesting concept, it's an incredibly dull and forgettable romance.
Waves - High school misery porn drowned by its aesthetic
WAVESHigh school misery porn drowned by its aesthetic
While ambitious, it's so busy trying to be a future indie classic with its camera acrobatics and needle drops that it forgets to give any impetus to care about its supposedly profound stories.
The Assistant - Meek and mad
A film that demands full attention from its audience to tell a frustratingly normalised story of frustrating normalised harassment. It's a quiet film brimming with power, one that is not to be missed.
The High Note - A mid-tempo comedy romp
THE HIGH NOTEA mid-tempo comedy romp
You could do a lot worse than 'The High Note' for a light two hours when there's nothing else to watch; it's just unfortunate that its charismatic cast can't save an off-pitch script.
Scoob! - Mystery swapped for money-hungry mayhem
SCOOB!Mystery swapped for money-hungry mayhem
Yet another classic franchise getting pumped through the modern machine, a bland and unremarkable caricature of what was once a fun and quirky story.
The Lodge - An insult to the horror movie genre
THE LODGEAn insult to the horror movie genre
It wants so badly to be considered a highbrow horror film, but it forgets completely to try and be compelling, riding on flimsy attempts at a creepy tone and calling it a day.
The miraculous rise of Saoirse Ronan - Ranking the actress’ best performances on her birthday
THE MIRACULOUS RISE OF SAOIRSE RONANRanking the actress’ best performances on her birthday
Saoirse Ronan is something special - and as she turns 26, we've ranked the Oscar nominee's top 10 best performances.
Kristen Stewart: From 'Twilight' to Arthouse - Celebrating a career as unique as the actress herself
KRISTEN STEWART: FROM 'TWILIGHT' TO ARTHOUSECelebrating a career as unique as the actress herself
As Kristen Stewart turns 30 this week, we look back at her career which took her from box office hit 'Twilight' to passion projects for the actress.
How to Train Your Dragon - An animation that reached new heights
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGONAn animation that reached new heights
Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this film manages to craft the beginning of what is one of the most heartfelt and inspired coming-of-age tales in recent years.
Queen & Slim - A worthwhile tale with bumpy storytelling
QUEEN & SLIMA worthwhile tale with bumpy storytelling
The film features some pretty stellar performances and great camerawork but has to work against the mammoth influence of its writing and pacing to make something memorable, and ultimately fails.
Honeyland - Believe the buzz
HONEYLANDBelieve the buzz
A thoughtful and compassionate exercise in exposing a lifestyle many have long ago abandoned, and one that deserves a place in the public consciousness.
The Peanut Butter Falcon - Wholesome and heartfelt
THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCONWholesome and heartfelt
It's a comedy that is as sweet and unique as its main star, and points towards a bright future for disabled inclusivity in film.
The Truth - A well-intentioned trip down a well-worn path
THE TRUTHA well-intentioned trip down a well-worn path
If 'Shoplifters' was a beautifully-crafted painting, this would be stick figure doodles. Catherine Deneuve gives the best performance, with Juliette Binoche and Ethan Hawke criminally underutilised.
Love, Antosha - A star taken too soon
LOVE, ANTOSHAA star taken too soon
It manages to capture the essence, cheek and love Anton Yelchin brought into the world, and the of heartache his passing. It may be a very long time before we see a talent like his again.
Marriage Story - Simply extraordinary
MARRIAGE STORYSimply extraordinary
It's shocking that a film so simple can be so nearly flawless. As an ugly portrait of two flawed people it's never easy to watch, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences in years.
The Irishman - Kissing Scorsese’s ring (again)
THE IRISHMANKissing Scorsese’s ring (again)
This isn't telling one story, but a number of stories spanning decades with same dangerous gangsters, sharing the same threads of beautiful cinematography, great visual effects and patient editing.
Little Monsters - No brains, all heart
LITTLE MONSTERSNo brains, all heart
If you’re looking for a zombie film with a little more meat on the bone, look elsewhere; however, if you’re after a heartwarming 94 minutes that just so happens to involve zombie decapitation, this is for you.
In My Blood It Runs - An eye-opening tale of struggling Indigenous youth
IN MY BLOOD IT RUNSAn eye-opening tale of struggling Indigenous youth
The documentary excels in never sensationalising any aspect of Dujuan's story for dramatic effect; simply capturing Dujuan's daily life is enough to make blood boil and tears fall.
The Art of Self-Defense - A satire as pitch-black as a karate belt
THE ART OF SELF-DEFENSEA satire as pitch-black as a karate belt
A truly funny, dark experience that will polarise audiences, hopefully leaving most of them satisfied. Just try not to think about it too much.
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