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Ashley is a Melbourne-based uni student. She may have a degree in neuroscience but you can catch her at a cinema the moment class is over (or even between classes!). A life-long lover of film, she recently started putting finger to keyboard to start reviewing films she loves and sharing her thoughts with the world.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: Tame Impala, Taylor Swift, Radiohead
TOP 3 MOVIES: La La Land, Whiplash, First Man (Damien Chazelle is my one true love)
BEST CONCERT: Tame Impala at Laneway 2017
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Seeing 'Anastasia' with my cousins and hiding under my chair during the frightening Rasputin scenes.

In My Blood It Runs - An eye-opening tale of struggling Indigenous youth
IN MY BLOOD IT RUNSAn eye-opening tale of struggling Indigenous youth
The documentary excels in never sensationalising any aspect of Dujuan’s story for dramatic effect; simply capturing Dujuan’s daily life is enough to make blood boil and tears fall.
The Art of Self-Defense - A satire as pitch-black as a karate belt
THE ART OF SELF-DEFENSEA satire as pitch-black as a karate belt
A truly funny, dark experience that will polarise audiences, hopefully leaving most of them satisfied. Just try not to think about it too much.
Swing Kids - A war film in its own league
SWING KIDSA war film in its own league
The film should be commended for its ambition, even if it doesn’t always manage to juggle all its balls as well as wants to. It's a breath of fresh air for a film set in wartime.
Young Ahmed - A disappointment from a world of talent
YOUNG AHMEDA disappointment from a world of talent
There’s just an inherent "something" missing here that could be blamed on a number of factors, all of which stem from behind the camera.
The Day Shall Come - A hilarious take on a flawed system
THE DAY SHALL COMEA hilarious take on a flawed system
While never takes its scathing satire to its limits, it’s an enjoyable romp that’s sure to divide audiences as much as it makes them laugh.
Take Me Somewhere Nice - The road less travelled
TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICEThe road less travelled
It's not the first coming of age film and certainly won’t be the last, but by looking at a lesser-explored side of the genre with its unique aesthetic, it is able to carve out its own place.
Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw - Very furious, not so fast
FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS & SHAWVery furious, not so fast
By this point in the franchise, ‘Fast & Furious’ fans will know exactly what to expect from ‘Hobbs and Shaw’, and there’s just enough here that's fresh enough to warrant taking another ride.
The Violin Player - Sex and strings
THE VIOLIN PLAYERSex and strings
A guilty pleasure disguised as an arthouse film, it won't be for everyone, but going in aware of the experience you’ll have, along with its eye-pleasing cinematography, may just be its saving grace.
The Public - Hot idea, chilly execution
THE PUBLICHot idea, chilly execution
It’s obvious that Emilio Estevez has crafted something he's passionate about, but the script is so entry-level that it struggles to challenge audiences, preferring to aim for universal appeal.
When Harry Met Sally... - 30 years ago, a boy met a girl
WHEN HARRY MET SALLY...30 years ago, a boy met a girl
The film doesn’t feel dated in the way that a film released 30 years ago might - which speaks to not only to how enjoyable it is, but to how integral it is to making sense of friendship and love.
The Beach Bum - Mayhem with Matthew McConaughey
THE BEACH BUMMayhem with Matthew McConaughey
An incredibly enjoyable 95-minute exercise in escapism, love, and the unprecedented pleasures life can bring, with an incredibly charming performance from Matthew McConaughey.
Defend, Conserve, Protect - Guardians of the ocean
DEFEND, CONSERVE, PROTECTGuardians of the ocean
A riveting documentary that celebrates the bravery of the Sea Shepherd crew, but to open eyes to the urgency needed to end whaling once and for all. Prepare to leave the cinema inspired and moved.
Forged from Fire - A touching look at an Australian tragedy
FORGED FROM FIREA touching look at an Australian tragedy
A powerful and hopeful look into how people cope with tragedy and, from the literal ashes, how something beautiful is created.
The Notebook - Your break-up best friend for the past 15 years
THE NOTEBOOKYour break-up best friend for the past 15 years
15 years after its release, its impact on the romance genre is undeniable. It managed to become a model and the antithesis for romantic dramas that followed, and a film whose success is to be envied.
The Third Wife - Artistic, painful and beautiful
THE THIRD WIFEArtistic, painful and beautiful
May’s story as a pregnant 14-year-old bride is handled with such grace and delicacy - it’s an intoxicating, heart-wrenching experience.
Happy As Lazzaro - More than meets the eye
HAPPY AS LAZZAROMore than meets the eye
The film comes and goes like an airy fable but doesn’t make as much of an impact as it wants to. Its ambition is to be commended, but as a whole is just verging on greatness.
Mean Girls - 15 years of fetch
MEAN GIRLS15 years of fetch
‘Mean Girls’ has reached the heights of pop culture impact that most teen films can only dream of. 15 years later, we delve into this high school horror show to find out why.
Her Smell - She's off the deep end, watch as she dives in
HER SMELLShe's off the deep end, watch as she dives in
The supporting cast performances, like their characters, are overshadowed by the larger-than-life Becky, a tornado of hysteria and booze, brought to life with a performance that reeks of excellence.
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum - Third time's a charm
JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUMThird time's a charm
Those with a delicate heart need not apply for ‘Parabellum’; the first fifteen minutes alone are packed with some of the most brutal on-screen kills since, well, the last ‘John Wick’ film.
Under The Silver Lake - Not so deep
David Robert Mitchell wanted to throw as many left-field camera angles, score swells, and strange attempts at humour at a wall to see what would stick. By the time the credits roll it just feels like a whole lot of treading water for no reason.
Thunder Road - One-on-one with actor/writer/director Jim Cummings
THUNDER ROADOne-on-one with actor/writer/director Jim Cummings
'Thunder Road' is a passion project for Jim Cummings, the film's writer, director and star. Ashley spoke to him about the film he was sure would kill him, and befriending Bruce Springsteen.
The Good Girls - Living the (pretty) good life
THE GOOD GIRLSLiving the (pretty) good life
In a film all about appearances (and keeping them up), it should come as no surprise that it's is stunningly shot, yet ultimately, it can’t quite commit to any one style long enough to be effective.
Hellboy - Avoid this like hell
HELLBOYAvoid this like hell
This new ‘Hellboy’ adds nothing new to the character’s cinematic canon. Its existence feels barely justified beyond trying to make money. The character should have been sent back to hell instead.
Thunder Road - A heartbreaking ride
THUNDER ROADA heartbreaking ride
Writing, acting and directing all contribute equally to a film’s success, but it takes a true talent to succeed at all three at once. Jim Cummings, flexes his skills with this exceptional new film.
High Life - A hypnotic and abhorrent sci-fi triumph
HIGH LIFEA hypnotic and abhorrent sci-fi triumph
Despite the deep space setting of the film, it is an inherently human experience. It will be unpalatable for some, an instant classic for others - but the brutality and power of this film is undeniable.
Last Year at Marienbad - A black and white blast from the past
LAST YEAR AT MARIENBADA black and white blast from the past
A black and white classic that's a unique cinematic experience, inviting viewers to roam its monolithic halls again and again, feeling like a new film every time.
10 Things I Hate About You - A film almost too good to be true
10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOUA film almost too good to be true
It's been used in high schools as an entry point for studying Shakespeare for years, and with good reason - so many people remember this film fondly. It is a sweet, clever, timeless romantic comedy.
Wild Nights with Emily - A walk on the (not so) wild side
WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILYA walk on the (not so) wild side
Unfortunately, 'Wild Nights with Emily' is never as compelling as its subject matter implies it would be.
Rafiki - A future LGBT classic
RAFIKIA future LGBT classic
The film was banned in its home country of Kenya, where homosexuality is a criminal offence that can result in a lengthy prison sentence. It just makes ‘Rafiki’ feel like even more of a triumph.
The House That Jack Built - This ain't no nursery rhyme
THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILTThis ain't no nursery rhyme
If you are familiar with Lars von Trier’s work, then a warning that this film is not for the faint of heart is no surprise - yet nothing here feels remotely as compelling as his previous films.
Cruel Intentions - Still wickedly fun, 20 years later
CRUEL INTENTIONSStill wickedly fun, 20 years later
It may not have aged well, but its juiciness, iconic moments and trailblazing mark it left on the teen film landscape makes it an essential watch to this day.
The Guilty - The call of a lifetime
THE GUILTYThe call of a lifetime
This is Swedish director Gustav Möller’s first feature film, but from the expert control of tone and shot composition, one would be forgiven for mistaking his career as a long and successful one.
Cold Pursuit - A blizzard of blood and belly laughs
COLD PURSUITA blizzard of blood and belly laughs
It should be commended for being fun and for trying to do something different, but its fresher elements aren’t strong enough to elevate it from other thrillers of recent years.
The Sisters Brothers - Blood runs thicker than plot
THE SISTERS BROTHERSBlood runs thicker than plot
While far from perfect, it’s always a pleasure spending time with the film’s four male stars, led by Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly. If only their material had been a bit richer.
Arctic - The ice isn't the only thing that's chilling
ARCTICThe ice isn't the only thing that's chilling
A beautifully shot and emotionally gripping slow burn that manages to say so much about human survival, despite hardly featuring any spoken words.
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